New Products & Literature – 2001-02-01

New building-system components from the pages of our February issue

By Staff February 1, 2001

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Heavy-duty outdoor bollards are designed to produce glare-free pedestrian-level lighting for walkways. These vandal-resistant units are ideal for gardens, building grounds and outdoor venues. (Design WFB by Quality Lighting) Circle 1

Water-treatment system utilizes reverse osmosis to provide clean water suitable for such establishments as restaurants, ice makers and car washes. This single-manifold system is made of noncorrosive materials and can be configured to accommodate up to 2,000 gallons a day. (L.P.R.O. by Culligan) Circle 2

Engineering-schematics software is now available to supplement existing design software. The program offers an alternative for the production of piping and instrumentation diagrams for a project. (Cadcentre) Circle 3

Multiple-range pressure transducer measures the pressures and flows of non-conducting gases. Ideal for HVAC applications, energy-management systems, VAV and fan control, this model offers up to six different pressure ranges in each transducer (Model 267MR by Setra) Circle 4

Smart cards integrate into access-control systems to allow building occupants to carry one card for a variety of purposes. Applications include access control, transit-fare collection, electronic campus purses, loyalty tracking, library privileges and computer-system access. (C*CURE Smart Program by Sensormatic) Circle 5

Wastewater pump offers a one-piece cartridge system that contains all mechanical seal faces, springs, O-rings and a stainless-steel shaft sleeve. The design of the pump allows end-users to change their own mechanical seals, eliminating the need for outside servicing. (Pumpex Inc.) Circle 6

Mobile solar turbine provides on-the-spot power for short-term needs. The system is highway-transportable, easy to install and compact, making it ideal for rental fleets and utility-equipment pools. (Tarus 60 by Solar Turbines) Circle 7

Digital-laser sensors incorporate long-range detection, compact size and a high processing speed, making them ideal for installation in remote, hazardous environments. These sensors are definite-reflective, semiconductor laser-optic type and offer digital calibration. (LV Series by Keyence Corporation) Circle 8

Commercial rooftop air-conditioning units offer advanced user diagnostics and two-way monitoring capabilities, along with interoperability and Internet compatibility. These devices can serve as direct drop-on replacements for older rooftop units, because they can fit existing bases. (Centurion 12.5 by Carrier) Circle 9

Scalable UPS system offers flexible power from 4 to 16 kVA. Offering on-line power protection with N+x redundancy, design also features an electrical current-sharing technology that provides an equal distribution of power among all of the modules. (Nfinity by Liebert) Circle 10

Lighting-design software automates many tasks associated with creating electrical controls schematics in AutoCAD. This software package includes a library of I/O wiring diagrams from ten leading manufacturers as well as two dozen new predrawn blocks and devices ranging from terminals to transformers. (LITE 3.0 by VIA Development) Circle 11

CAD presentation software allows for quick drawing coloration abilities. The software alleviates the need to color CAD drawings by hand and offers a greater variety of colors to choose from. (Color-Fast by Eagle Point) Circle 12

Cooling towers are designed to produce less sound without affecting performance, offering up to an 11-dBA reduction in sound levels over previous models. These units also feature many other system enhancements, including improved vibration characteristics and streamlined airflow. (NC Class by Marley) Circle 13

Security lighting for walkways and entrances is offered with either HID or fluorescent lamp options. Available in 8-in. and 12-in. die-cast aluminum housing, the system features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens that is UV-stabilized to minimize yellowing. (SE3 Series by Ruud Lighting) Circle 14

Three-phase voltage monitor accurately diagnoses unbalanced voltage flow. The monitor automatically senses connection to either 200V, 300V or 400V motors, and does not require a separate power source for operation. (Model 455 by SymCom) Circle 15

Hazardous-location ballasts are thermally protected to prevent explosions in challenging environments. This line of UL-approved ballasts carry the ‘HL’ mark, indicating that they will not cause hazardous conditions should the fixture become exposed to foreign particles or substances. (Robertson Worldwide) Circle 16

Analyzer transmitter for continuous emissions monitoring is offered in a compact unit. The small size of the monitoring device allows the system to be closer to the area it is monitoring, and is suitable for high-temperature operations. (CAT by Rosemount Analytical) Circle 17

Sensor array with load valve simultaneously measures the flow, pressure and temperature of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems and components. The load valve offers control of pressures up to 6,000 psi and allows the operator to simulate the load of multifunctional hydraulic systems. (Flo-tech) Circle 18

Smoke-control system helps limit the spread of smoke during fires in high-rises, malls, atriums and other large facilities. It works in unison and is compatible with most HVAC system configurations or building-management systems. The controller has the ability to control dedicated and nondedicated systems, and has been UL listed. (MXL by Siemens Cerberus Division) Circle 19

Metering faucet features solid brass construction and concealed adjustment control, making it able to withstand severe commercial or institutional applications. This faucet delivers a controlled flow rate for a preset period of time and offers an adjustable temperature control for water and energy savings. (SCOT by Symmons) Circle 20

LonTalk adapter connects any PC or laptop to a LonWorks BAS network via a USB port. By utilizing this device, it is possible to transform the computer into a LonWorks node, running the maintenance and monitoring application on the PC. (XLON by DH Electronics) Circle 21

Indoor halogen floodlamps provide even illumination in a soft glass shell. A cool-running halogen burner functions in the same shell as a standard incandescent lamp, delivering the lumens of an 85-watt incandescent from only 60 watts. (Crystal-Lux by SLI Inc.) Circle 22

Fiber-optic transceivers are designed specifically for use with pan/tilt/zoom integrated camera systems. These devices provide a transparent link between cameras and control sites by delivering noise-free video with bidirectional data for operation, setup or lens control. (M Series by American Fibertek) Circle 23

Lamp/fixture combination for fiber-optic lighting is ideal for displays, exhibits, signage or ambient lighting. The metal-halide system uses a 68-watt arc tube and runs on a compact DC electronic ballast that provides cool, quiet operation. (Venture Lighting) Circle 24

Optical-fiber cables provide a repeatable and accurate specification for performance of laser-based systems used in high-speed networks. This cable system uses the restricted-mode-launch bandwidth specification for its loose-tube and tight-buffer cables. (Corning Cable Systems) Circle 25

Fuel-gas booster is capable of raising natural-gas line pressure from 15 psia to 115 psia in a single stage of compression. The scroll-based compressor is specially designed to upgrade low-pressure gas lines as required to power microturbines, gensets and fuel cells in generation applications. (Copeland Scroll by Copeland Corp.) Circle 26

Make-up-air units offer an economical means of supplying tempered make-up air to any space or building by using a VFD controller. These units are direct-fired and are offered in 15 model sizes and eight configurations. (Series QVA/QV by Modine) Circle 27

Btu transmitter for submetering applications calculates thermal energy by measuring liquid flow with a flow sensor and then by measuring the temperature at the inlet and outlet. An onboard microcontroller and digital circuitry makes precise measurements and drift-free outputs. (Series 340 by Data Industrial) Circle 28

Daylighting control system incorporates multizone dimming and switching control from a single photocell, and offers flexible integration with other lighting systems. (LightSaver by The Watt Stopper) Circle 29

UPS system offers circuit monitoring, eliminating the need for manual measurements. Integrated into the panelboard, the monitor instantly sounds an alarm if any circuit exceeds its user-defined limit. (MGE UPS Systems) Circle 30

Gas heater/air conditioner produces heat by utilizing natural gas as a heating agent. This ductless, split system uses no mechanical evaporation or condensing process during heating. Instead, a consistently high-temperature process is utilized in which a gas burner and a heat exchanger superheat the refrigerant circulating through copper tubing. (14KGS11 by Sanyo) Circle 31

Wireless transmitting device for rooftop packaged air-conditioning units will transmit anywhere a cellular phone will. The transmitter provides direct ‘plug-and-play’ communication capabilities for the HVAC product, allowing technicians to respond to problems immediately. (LN-1 by Lennox Industries Inc.) Circle 32