New Products for Power Quality and Reliability – 2006-12-19

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 19, 2006

On-site power generation school schedule for 2007 has been released. The schools provide a complete overview of the components of an on-site power generation system. The three-day program provides students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the technical aspects of the on-site power generation industry. For more information about courses from ESGA, click here .

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Software for electromagnetic compatibility and interference analyses in itsnewest version incorporates enhanced model building capabilities and radiation computation for EMC/EMI analysis of electronic systems. A new 64-bit solver allows users to solve complex systems without being restricted by memory limitations of 32-bit operating systems. For more about Icepak and Icewave from Ansys, click here .

Motor protection relay calculates the speed from the voltage and current, and the electrical model of the motor. Since it knows the speed, it accurately calculates the heat, and the high-inertia problem is solved. The same technology permits some repeated starts, without delay, on most motors. For more about SEL-710 from SEL, click here .

Low-power instruments are specifically designed to operate reliably in remote sites in the oil and gas industry, survive harsh environmental conditions and operate with battery and solar power. Instruments are available for monitoring and controlling temperature, pressure and flow conditions at oil and natural gas well sites. For more about instruments for extreme environments from Moore Industries, click here .