New Products for Fire Protection 12/1/04

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 2, 2004

Fire alarm control panel product lines are being expanded. The analog addressable control panel is said to be ideal for commercial, institutional, and industrial life safety applications. The panels can accommodate up to sixteen 600 series expansion modules and can support up to 128 conventional input circuits or more than 2,000 addressable points using the XP95 protocol. With the SmartScan protocol, up to 3,168 addressable points can be accommodated.
For more information on IdentiFlex 654/658 and IF 632 from Gamewell, click here .

Flexible sprinkler connection products will now be marketed jointly with CPVC pipes and fittings. Until now, chemical compatibility issues have presented challenges for those looking to take advantage of labor savings and other installation benefits of using CPVC pipe and a flexible sprinkler connection using a stainless steel hose assembly. This combined system is intended to simplify installation, while saving on labor, inspection, maintenance and future relocation of automatic sprinklers.
For more information on Flexhead and Blazemaster, click here and here .

Variable speed electric fire pump controller is said to be a first for the industry. The controller adjusts pump speed to maintain a truly constant output pressure from shut-off to rated flow. It adjusts for large suction pressure variations without wasting water and is UL listed for fire protection in accordance with NFPA 20-2003. Because the output pressure of a centrifugal pump varies with the square of the speed, pressure can be controlled accurately by controlling the speed of the pump. For more information, click here .

Intelligent fire-alarm control panel is a single loop system designed specifically for use in smaller applications. The model can be easily expanded as a company’s safety requirements grow—eliminating the need to replace the entire system when a larger system is needed. The unit turns every networked device into a peer capable of generating accurate and highly detailed information. When a sensor detects a fire, it not only alerts the alarm panel, it can also perform critical process management such as shutdowns, HVAC, elevators, dampers, doors, voice evacuation systems, and security/CCTV/building management awareness. For more about CyberCat 254 from Fike, click here .

Mist control center is a completely pre-piped and pre-wired pump skid assembly that includes the pump, controller, control valves, deluge valve, control panel and system strainer, yet is compact enough to fit through a standard doorway. Designed as an alternative to gaseous, foam and heavy density sprinkler systems, the system uses specially designed mist application nozzles that produce reduced droplet sizes in the discharge pattern. In a fire condition, the fine mist is transformed to steam, expanding each water droplet by over 1,600 times its initial volume and displacing oxygen. For more information about AquaMist from Tyco, click here .