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POWER SERVER providers power transfer, control and power-monitoring information to multiple remote clients over an intranet/Internet via a TCP/IP protocol. Stack allows on-site power systems to be remotely controlled real-time from anywhere using a standard PC and browser. ASCO Power TechnologiesCircle 457VOLTAGE LOGGER stores data for more than 1,000 events.
By Staff September 1, 2001

POWER SERVER providers power transfer, control and power-monitoring information to multiple remote clients over an intranet/Internet via a TCP/IP protocol. Stack allows on-site power systems to be remotely controlled real-time from anywhere using a standard PC and browser.

ASCO Power Technologies

VOLTAGE LOGGER stores data for more than 1,000 events. Unit captures short-term events—sags, swells and dropouts. Logger samples the input 10 times per second, storing data only when alarm threshold is crossed, maximizing memory use.

AEMC Instruments

CLAMP METER measures AC current, AC voltage, DC voltage and resistance. Analog AC-clamp meter features a trademarked lock-jaw clamp design. The meter also features an analog display, a data hold and a zero-ohms adjustment dial.

Gardner Bender

SURGE-SUPPRESSION SYSTEM features proprietary fusing and a failure-free integrated suppression bus for maximum reliability in mission-critical facilities. Remote power monitoring capabilities and lower clamping voltages are also offered.

Current Technology

INDUSTRIAL MULTIMETER , a 500,000-count digital device measures up to 1,000V AC and DC, up to 10A AC and DC and up to 1,832°F. Meter is designed to provide dependable, accurate performance for in-plant applications.

Greenlee Textron

SURGE PROTECTOR diverts up to 200,000 amps of excess transient current per phase. All modes are protected via multiple, heavy-duty surge current paths. Solid copper bus-bar construction offers minimal impedance and enhanced current sharing.

MCG Surge Protection

INVERTER-DUTY MOTOR , unique from the standard NEMA T-frame product line, provides 1,000:1 constant torque in a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor enclosure. Unit has the same mechanical features as a TEFC motor, but with an electrical design optimized for inverter duty applications.

Rockwell Automation

POWER SUPPLY PRODUCT SELECTOR , an on-line tool, lets user enter requirements—input and output voltage, output current rating, etc. System returns a list of the power supplies with Web links that fit requested parameters. .

Sola Hevi-Duty

BUSBAR SYSTEM GUIDE assists user in the selection of the proper busbar system. The 48-page technical guide includes an easy-to-use template, “The Six Steps To Success,” to help the user to correctly match all of the components. Manual also features a cross-referenced planning grid that helps users select the best-sized system, calculate ampacity and more.

Cooper Bussmann

VOLTAGE MONITOR offers end-users electric-motor protection by sensing the power supply to the motor. If a problem is identified, built-in protectors disconnect the motor before damage can occur. Device is specifically designed to protect three-phase motors.

SymCom, Inc.

BREAKER MONITOR offers improved power quality with the OPTImizer+ power circuit breaker monitoring device. It can issue alarms and supply a data history of breaker operations. Field-adjustable data collection parameters include mechanism time, arc duration time, contact interrupting duty and more.


DDS VRLA BATTERIES deliver the highest power density available and can be shipped in two weeks or less in 29 sizes-with standard 24V and 48V or unique voltages to meet specific needs.


SCALABLE UPS supports from 10 to 40 network servers that deliver 24×7 reliability of larger, higher-priced units. Galaxy 3000 features include a battery-testing module that increases reliability and extends battery life; and a load-surge stabilization feature that allows UPS output to be steady even when the load goes from 0 to 100%.

MGE UPS Systems

GROUNDING SYSTEM is an all-digital and high-resistance system that offers industrial process plants the ability to continue to operate at 100 percent of capacity during a temporary ground fault condition. The PulserPlus also offers data logging.

Post Glover Resistors

UPGRADEABLE SWITCH is a surge-protected energy center/transfer switch. The UL 1008-listed integrated load center features a patented new design in switching technology which allows in-field conversion from a manual transfer switch to an automatic unit; the upgrade requires no footprint change or load rewiring.

AC Data Systems

DC/DC CONVERTERS feature superior transient response with stability in high-frequency applications. The units are available at 48V input, with choice of output at 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5.0 volts; they are said to be ideal for communications applications.

Astec Power

CLAMP AMMETERS , with a thickness of only 16 millimeters, offer simpler and safer measurements of distorted currents of energy-saving equipment, including inverters. The 3288 AC/DC HiTester is designed to measure large currents and the 3287 guarantees precise measurement of true RMS for 10 Hz to 1 kHz.

Hioki USA

POWER MONITOR , with direct Ethernet and Web functionality, can also act as a Web server, allowing up to 12 users to access data form the card simultaneously. The card also provides Flash upgrade functions, so that the internal firmware can be field-updated to provide new feature and functions.

Electro Industries

FREE POWER-QUALITY CD-ROM presents straightforward solutions for electrical engineers, contractors and building and energy managers. Package includes videos, detailed graphics and texts examining lightning protection, grounding, harmonics and proper wiring practices for sensitive loads.

Copper Development Association

POWER SUPPLIES for DeviceNet applications-the SDN4-24-100 and SDN 8-024-100REDA offer a DIN connector and indefinite short-circuit, overvoltages and over-temperature protection. The 4-24-100 is listed as a Class 2 limited power source to ensure easy compliance to codes for building wiring. The 8-24-100 is designed for Class 1 installations that can use the full 8A capability of the thick cable system.

Sola Hevi-Duty

From Pure Power, Fall 2001.