New Products – 2007-05-01

Bypass packages are electronically controlled and feature automatic bypass, common start/stop in drive or bypass modes, and advanced override that performs in coordination with the drive and bypass for improved protection. All features are programmed through the drive keypad. The packages provide improved protection and operation through a bypass 24-volt DC switch-mode power supply.

By Staff May 1, 2007

Bypass packages are electronically controlled and feature automatic bypass, common start/stop in drive or bypass modes, and advanced override that performs in coordination with the drive and bypass for improved protection. All features are programmed through the drive keypad. The packages provide improved protection and operation through a bypass 24-volt DC switch-mode power supply. This ensures that contactor operation is unaffected in harsh conditions and drive operations are maintained at reduced output with input as low as 70% of nominal voltage. (Electronically Controlled Bypass by Danfoss Drives) Input #1 at

Motor test system is designed to perform reliable testing of electric motors and other rotating electrical devices, including alternators, starters, pumps and generators. The model performs a variety of tasks, including performance testing, engineering evaluation, durability cycling, quality control validation and in-use simulation, true no-load speed and current. (DynoLAB EM by SAKOR Technologies) #2

Multi-variable level sensor provides total level, interface level and as many as five temperature readings. The digital sensor requires no calibration and one process connection and uses magnetostrictive position-sensing technology to measure layers of oil products and gas condensates. The probe and floats are constructed from 316 stainless steel and mount to 2-in. NPT process connections, using either a flange or adaptor brushing. The sensor features explosion-proof approval ratings from FM and CSA for Class 1, Div. 1, Group A, B, C and D hazardous locations. (7230 Series HT Digital Probe by Ametek Automation & Process Technologies) #3

Media control cables are available in a variety of models, including low-capacitance shielded twisted pairs, Category 5e, two conductors and with an optional RG59 for video. The models meet or exceed protocols for AMX, AMX AXLink, CRESTON, CRESNET and ELAN systems, and VIA! Touchscreens. (Media control cables by Coleman Cable) #4

Pressure transducer monitors control pump, chiller and differential pressures. The model also measures flow of gas and liquid. The transducer reduces inventory and installation costs by providing the user with field-selectable features such as switch-selectable pressure ranges, selectable analog outputs, and unidirectional and bidirectional ranging of span, all in one unit. An optional LCD display reports range and output status. (231 Multi-Sense by Setra Systems Inc.) #5

Germicidal lamps perform for 17,000 hours when operated on high frequency electronic ballasts. The models provide safe direct exposure to 254nm UVC radiation, which inactivates the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and protozoa, making them unable to reproduce. This results in increased HVAC operating efficiency, longer blower life and improved air quality. (UVC Germicidal Lamps by American Ultraviolet Co.) #6

Router allows seamless packet connections between BACnet/MSTP and either BACnet/IP or BACnet Ethernet networks. The router is single port with a lockable metal enclosure and removable cover. Features include intuitive web browser-based configuration. (BACnet IP MS/TP router by American Auto-Matrix) #7

Indoor air quality system reduces indoor pollution by attacking three types of airborne contaminants: particulates, microbial materials and chemicals. These include small dust particles, airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses and chemical-based odors. The system accepts contaminated air through the filter, which removes particles as small as one micron. The filter contains felt, which acts as a catalyst to reduce other impurities, along with the actions by two UVC rays. (PROTECH IAQ-1by Rheem) #8

Controllers , designed for critical government and public sector security applications, address demand for elevated security solutions. The models provide access control for one to eight doors over the Ethernet and support as many as 480,000 personnel records. The controllers are web-enabled for distributed applications and easy installation and control. Users also can adjust access rights automatically when conditions or threat levels change, lock down areas in response to potential threats and apply encryption via 192-bit IPsec and Internet Key Exchange Protocol. (ACX Series by TAC) #9

Standby generators feature between 8 kW and 45 kW outputs and are available in air-cooled or liquid-cooled models. The models operate at either 3,600 rpm or 1,800 rpm, and feature technology that reduces sound output during self-test operations. Enhancements also promote longer shelf lives and extended oil change intervals. The models come with aluminum corrosion-resistant enclosures or steel enclosures. (QT Gensets by Generac Power Systems) #10

Evaporative cooler provides as much as 53.6°F of cooling to an average-sized duct or air-handling unit for less than 0.5 kW of energy per hour, reducing the cost of central air conditioning. The cooler also provides hygienic and economical humidification, along with air filtration, to further improve the quality of indoor air. (HumEvap MC2 by JS Humidifiers) #11

Wireless monitoring system examines circuits to eliminate unnecessary downtime and increase productivity. The monitoring system, available for retrofit and new contruction, also allows users to analyze open circuit activity to find potential underlying electrical problems that may require repair. When a circuit opens, maintenance staff is notified by phone or e-mail of the circuit’s exact location, the correct replacement fuse to bring and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment. (Downtime Reduction System by Cooper Bussman) #12

Soft start/stop motor controllers are available in two sizes with basic rotary or advanced push button controls. Motor control capacity ranges from 1.5 hp at 220 volts AC to 40 hp at 600 volts AC. These models enable the starting and stopping of 3-phase asynchronous motors with a three-wire connection to each motor. (RSH Series by Carlo Gavazzi) #13

Electrical enclosures product catalog offers more than 70 new equipment protection solutions introduced in the last three years for the industrial, commercial and datacom markets. The catalog offers new features, including chapters for “Arc Flash Safety Solutions” and “Cable Pathway.” Traditional red thumb tabs located on the outside page margin help users locate chapters, and also mark frequently referenced pages using repositioned EM post-it note flags, which are provided. Chapters are designated by names and initials, and the page numbering system is a combination of chapter abbreviation and sequential page number. (Specifier’s Guide, Volume 21 by Hoffman) #14

Branch circuit monitor continuously measures current on all breaker levels and warns users of impending trouble. It proactively manages energy consumption and prevents overload conditions, optimizes power distribution and allocates energy costs among internal departments. The system is able to store as many as 23 months of data, which are viewable on a local display or transmitted to a remote monitoring platform for diagnostics, local profiling and energy planning. The device is suitable for data centers, network operation centers, collection facilities, hospitals, universities and manufacturing facilities. (Powerware Energy Management System by Eaton Corp.) #15

Manual shade is able to be converted to electronic control in less than 60 seconds. The system installs in a 3.5-in. by 3.5-in. pocket, with a roller of 1-3/8-in. diameter tube and lineals with an upgraded universal mounting bracket. This bracket is used for wall, ceiling or jamb installations. The shades may be repositioned on site for bottom, front or back chain drop to adapt to specific project requirements. (Sivoia Manual Shades by Lutron Electronics) #16

Rack enclosure features integrated cooling capabilities that improve energy efficiency. The 19-in. rack provides reliable cooling for as much as 17 kW of high-density electronics. The model uses water to transport heat out of the enclosure. Server heat loss is absorbed by the rack’s integrated cold water system through an air-to-water heat exchanger in the bottom of the rack. This allows IT professionals to deploy blade servers and other high-density heat equipment without creating hot spots in their data centers. (Liebert XDK by Emerson Network Power) #17

Hose, ducting and accessories catalog introduces 10 new products, which include: thermoplastic rubber coasted non-woven wire-reinforced polyester fabric hose, polypropylene A/C defroster hose, acrylic-polyester utility blower hose, white hose for food and pharmaceutical use, highly compressible clear PVC, and other heavy-duty hoses. (Flexible Hose, Ducting and Accessories Catalog by Flexaust) #18