New Products – 2002-07-01

Lightning arrestor with TVSS component combines category-C and -B protection in one unit, reducing the number of downstream TVSS devices required. The unit protects against both lightning strikes and switching-type transients. (Combotrab by Phoenix Contact) Reader Service (RS) # 1 Capacitor banks for power factor correction are available for 240 volts to 115 kV, and for kVAR ratings from 1 ...

By Staff July 1, 2002

Lightning arrestor with TVSS component combines category-C and -B protection in one unit, reducing the number of downstream TVSS devices required. The unit protects against both lightning strikes and switching-type transients. (Combotrab by Phoenix Contact)

Capacitor banks for power factor correction are available for 240 volts to 115 kV, and for kVAR ratings from 1 to 15,000. Fixed banks are for applications that do not generate harmonic loads, while switched banks are able to adapt to changing load conditions. (Capacitors by Cutler-Hammer)

Cooling tower expands product line’s unit capacity to 2,000 tons. Plastic models are said to offer longer life and lower costs than traditional metal towers. Other features include molded leak-proof sump with I-beam pockets, non-clog large orifice spray nozzles, double-wall polyethylene shell and direct drive fans. (TM Series by Delta)

Large-diameter fans offer a modified airfoil on 8-, 10- and 12-ft. diameter models to accommodate constrained spaces. The 12-ft. modified fan can move more than 80,000 cfm of air—as much as the standard 20-ft model—but fits into an area that is 40% smaller. (Wickerbill by HVLS Fan)

Mixed-flow fan combines the efficiency of a vane axial fan with the quietness of a centrifugal fan. For use in high-pressure systems, the unit has static pressure capability from 4 in. wg to more than 8 in. wg., making it suited to supply-air applications in hospitals, concert halls, libraries, offices and educational buildings. (QEI by Greenheck)

Prefabricated power system for utilities and industrial facilities streamlines the delivery process and limits the risks inherent with on-site construction. Along with switchgear, motor-control centers, breakers and communications systems, these all-in-one units contain auxiliary equipment such as fire-protection, air-conditioning and battery systems, all built to specifications. (Electro/Centers by Eaton)

LED light strips provide focused, energy-efficient illumination for emergency and task lighting. When configured with optional low-voltage disconnect battery protection, they can play an integral role in emergency lighting and workplace safety. With a power draw of just 0.525 mA to 0.7 mA, the strips can run on a 12-volt system. (Light strip modules by LEDtronics)

Capacitor switch has been improved to require 20% less operating voltage than previous models. Designed to be maintenance-free, this switch is used in conjunction with a voltage closing control to mitigate transients associated with bringing capacitor banks online. (VerSaVac II LE by Joslyn Hi-Voltage)

Split-system air conditioner is equipped with two scroll compressors, each having independent refrigeration circuits. Available in 15- to 50-ton capacities, these air-conditioning units include features such as 24-volt temperature control circuits, two-stage independent control and circuitry to control two independent air-handling units. (Millennium by York International)

Flow meters are suited to a wide range of liquid-flow monitoring applications. Meters feature a variable-area metering design with a spring-retained movable piston in two designs: standard cylindrical wall piston, or ribbed design to accommodate liquids containing suspended particulate up to 400 microns. (EZ-View by Hedland/Racine Federated)

Door alarm system monitors access-control points with detection of door-prop/door-held and intrusion/door-forced conditions. The system can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with an access-control system that includes card readers and electronic locks. Common applications include entry doors, emergency exits, computer rooms and internal warehouse doors. (ES4200 by DSI)

Pump selection software offers a search engine for users to select manufacturer’s centrifugal pumps. User enters pump specification criteria, allowing them to select the best pump for an application, complete with pump curves and data sheets. (Pump-flo by Pump-Flo Solutions)

Risk-management software brings together workers compensation and business risk in relation to boilers and pressure vessels. This software can help businesses evaluate the dangers and make informed decisions about the injuries, fatalities and business risk associated with boilers and pressure vessel accidents. (The Equalizer from Accident Inspection Specialists)

Power supplies support a wide variety of applications, including general illumination and sign lighting, as well as architectural and outdoor lighting. Key features are compact size and light weight. Each power supply is rated for 50,000-hour life and can be used with LEDs from any manufacturer. (Xitanium by Advance Transformer)

High-resistance grounding system enables industrial plants to monitor neutral conductors of low-voltage power systems. The system incorporates a continuously-rated neutral grounding resistor, connected to a transformer or generator wye point, limiting ground fault current to a safe level. (Groundskeeper by Post Glover)

Gas-fired hot-water heater is designed for applications such as food processing, laundries and power generation. A top-mounted gas burner fires downward through a central flame tube, and hot gases and water are not separated by an exchanger wall, which minimizes unit size. A two-pass flow of hot gases ensures energy efficiency of 98% or greater. (Flo-Direct by Armstrong International)

Portable air purifier combines germ-killing ultraviolet light with four additional stages of filtration. Designed to accommodate an airflow of 350 cfm at the high-speed setting, allowing approximately six complete air changes per hour in a 400-sq.-ft. space with a 9-ft. ceiling. (Commercial clarifier by NQ Environmental)

Temperature sensor provides local measurement and LCD display with setpoint adjust and override. Setpoint adjust is a vertical slidepot that gives analog output—resistive or voltage—and is available with a warm/cool legend imprinted on the unit’s base. (RuPS by BAPI)

Flat electrical cable is UL-listed for use at convention centers and in the entertainment industry for a lower profile and decreased trip hazard. Cord sets include 15-amp straight-blade and twist-lock plugs and connectors. (Convention center cable by Hubbell)

Life safety add-on module allows fire, security and building-automation systems to be tied directly to a single workstation or network residing on a common Ethernet backbone. Enables facility management system to automatically respond to changes in the fire alarm system. (Insight from Siemens Building Technologies)

Cooling system is available in five models and provides up to 2,100 watts of cooling capacity. Compatible with standard 19-in. rack-mounting systems, the units come with copper, stainless or aluminum heat exchangers and are compatible with a variety of cooling fluids such as water, deionized water, EGW and oil. (Cooling Systems by Lytron)

Data-center air handler is built into a reinforced floor tile and sits in a raised-floor system for ventilating data racks. The unit pulls air from the cool-air plenum under the raised floor, filters the air and pushes it up through the floor tile. (Serv Aire by Data Center Innovation)

Addressable control panel handles preaction sprinkler, clean-agent and alarm systems, eliminating the need for redundant panels. The panel accommodates up to 530 detectors that can be custom configured with several options, including cross zoning. In an alarm condition, the panel can detect and indicate which detector is activated. (TotalPac by Viking)

Surge protectors are designed specifically for data centers and other mission-critical facilities. Units offer protection at the main service panel, and all modes are protected via multiple, heavy-surge current paths. Solid bus bar construction allows minimal impedance and enhances current sharing. (Surge Free 800/600XT by MCG Surge Protection

VAV fan controller precisely monitors room temperature and varies fan speed in response to changes as small as 0.10 degrees, saving energy at the motor as well as the water chiller. Using fan speed, rather than water solenoid valve operation to vary the conditioning capacity, minimal temperature fluctuations, as well as an increased dehumidification capability, are achieved. (fan controller by King Fan)

Fiber-optic line driver module enables linking of fire-alarm systems to different multiple outlets. The fiber optic cable communications between system modules allow the connection to be free of ground faults, transients or noise interference. The module uses industry standard ST connectors that support fiber-optic cable up to 200 microns (FLD-1 by Fire Control Instruments)

Fluorescent dimming ballasts are capable of dimming compact fluorescent lamps to 1%, making CFLs suitable for architectural dimming applications such as conference rooms, ballrooms and auditoriums. The product line includes ballasts for 26-watt quad- and triple-tube, as well as 32-watt triple-tube CFLs in both 120- and 277-volt models. Features a 1-in.-high profile. (Hi-Lume ballasts from Lutron)

Speaker-strobes have been added to a line of emergency signalling equipment. Extending one inch from the wall, the UL-listed units are said to be the thinnest of their type. Field-configurable light and speaker output settings remain visible, even after the units are installed. Evenly distributed light source is visible from all angles. (Genesis speaker-strobes by EST)