Neurologic institute building trying to redefine patient care

The Philadelphia Neurologic Institute (PNI) is looking to create a department-less health building outside Philadelphia to better connect patients and doctors.

By CannonDesign January 12, 2021

The Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign is helping the Philadelphia Neurologic Institute (PNI) create a paradigm-shifting department-less health building outside Philadelphia.

The project establishes a new typology for healthcare design that will connect clinicians, patients and industry partners for bold new care delivery and research.

“The Philadelphia Neurologic Institute project does not seek incremental changes to patient experience, but rather an entirely new approach that reimagines healthcare possibilities,” said Mehrdad Yazdani, director of the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign. “The institute is a departure from past precedent and forges an important new path in healthcare design.”

The 350,000-sf project sets itself apart from other health buildings in numerous ways, including:

  • PNI will be the first building in the nation to unite all neuro-disciplines in a singular building
  • The project is designed without departments to allow health professionals and researchers to work collaboratively and fuel discovery in new ways
  • PNI creates a system where all care services come to the patient. This seamless process remarkably improves patient experience and eliminates unnecessary travel and waiting.
  • Deep focus on translational health and knowledge transfer, organizing spaces to bring research and clinician teams closer together to improve overall health outcomes.

The PNI is an extraordinarily innovative team of the most highly trained and skilled neurosurgeons, neurologists and researchers in the country. They exist as a team to eliminate barriers between medical specialties to enable true, holistic, collaborative patient-centered care.

“The PNI team is an inspiring group dedicated to raising the bar and trying new things each day,” Yazdani said. “They empowered us to unleash our full creative process on this project and we couldn’t be more excited.”

The Philadelphia Neurologic Institute is developed by Flagler Healthcare Investments and inspired by the vision of Dr. Erol Veznedaroglu of the Global Neurosciences Institute.

Once built, the PNI building will be located adjacent to Crozer Chester Medical Campus near Philadelphia. It will house 145 patient beds and key services for surgery, ICU, rehabilitation, emergency medicine, outpatient care and an entire wing for industry partnership and research.

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