MCA engineers metal roof research

The Metal Construction Assn. is partnering with the Dept. of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a multi-year research project on advanced metal roof and wall assemblies.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 6, 2009

Source: Metal Construction Assn.

The Metal Construction Assn. (MCA) and the Dept. of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have agreed on a multi-year research project to evaluate the future needs of advanced metal roof and wall assemblies.

In doing so, the MCA—anticipating that building energy codes and standards will become increasingly stringent—recognizes the need to generate data on metal roof and wall systems to meet energy-efficiency requirements. Included in the research will be the evaluation of next-generation building-integrated photovoltaic technologies.

The project will involve ORNL’s Building Technology Research Center and will evaluate thermal performance of assemblies using alternative interface details. ORNL will use full-scale, steady-state, and dynamic testing of walls and roof assemblies using hot-box conditions and climatic chambers, field testing, and computer modeling. The study will document thermal performance levels of systems to demonstrate compliance with the Council of American Building Officials Model Energy Code, ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 and ASHRAE 90.2.

Among the ORNL team’s missions is to work with private industry to accelerate market penetration of promising energy-efficient opaque building roof and wall technologies. The objective of this project is to assist manufacturers to develop experimental and analytical data to accurately describe the energy efficiency of their technologies.