Greening of Corporate America

Findings from the newMcGraw-Hill Construction Report "Greening of Corporate America," say that profitability in America’s corporations correlate to green building principles and sustainability practices.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff May 23, 2007

According to findings from the new McGraw-Hill Construction Report “Greening of Corporate America,” profitability in America’s corporations correlate to green building principles and sustainability practices. The study concludes that most U.S. corporate leaders strive to make sustainability a consistent part of their mission.

The study’s findings show that onlye prediction shows that during the next three years, more companies will place themselves within this top tier seeking market leadership in sustainability.

Research shows that most large U.S. corporations embrace green as part of their corporate philosophy. The data analysis proves that the percentage of corporate America that is not currently involved in greening their businesses, are working towards making their business Green. It is estimated that 82% of corporate America will reach green involvement by early 2009 if not before, meaning that at least 16% of their building stock will become green.

Brad Haeberle, director of marketing for Siemens Building Technologies, believes that when considering new facilities corporate leaders are aware that the company’s best interests is in using green practices. This is beneficial for economic benefits, but also for market differentiation and competitive advantage.

Seventy-five percent of the respondents listed rising energy costs as the fundamental factor in the greening of corporate America. “These results show us that the market can only grow for more efficient, clean-energy technologies, particularly as they relate to building design and operation” Haeberle adds.

Harvey M. Bernstein, vice president of Industry Analytics McGraw-Hill Construction, says that the study results reveal a positive trend.

The study also found that corporate leader respondents view government and internal management as the initiators pushing their organizations to adopt green policies and practices. More than half of the respondents recognize that market differentiation sustainability activities and green buildings benefit their companies.