Fire products

New products in the fire, life-safety and security industries.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 6, 2007

Single hazard agent release control panel is ideal for small- to mid-sized special hazard environments and meets ANSI 864, 9thedition requirements. The panel features a suppression-focused control unit, built-in Class A and Class B circuitry, programmable relays, and independently programmable agent-releasing circuits. For more information about Aegis by Kidde Fire Systems, click here .

Web-based mass notification system meets crisis management needs of colleges and universities, municipalities, government, businesses, and healthcare and industrial facilities. The program allows organization to broadcast a clear message to any communications device, such as a phone, cell phone, pager, e-mail, or portable digital assistant. The service is capable of sending 100,000 30-second phone calls and 125,000 text messages in 15 minutes. The service is activated by placing a phone call or typing a message on a computer with an Internet connection. A series of distributed, redundant call center networks disseminates the information. The program also generates real-time reports that show who has and who has not received the message. For more information about Instant Alert Plus and Honeywell, click here .

Clean agent system addresses a growing need for fire suppression for small special hazard areas. The system is ideal for Class A, B, and C small fire hazard areas such as ATMs, safe deposit boxes, here .