Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year finalists: Fire, life safety, mass notification

Read about the seven finalists in the Fire, Life Safety, and Mass Notification category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year program.

By Amanda Pelliccione April 6, 2015

Integrated mass notification, security system

The ToolVox X3 is a security gateway that effectively acts as a hub for connecting software and security devices to provide a multilayered system for mass notification and emergency communication. By provisioning, monitoring, and integrating with emergency phones, public address speakers, cameras, and more, the ToolVox is a full, end-to-end security system for colleges, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. With ToolVox X3, users can send and receive emergency messages. It also provides outside connections to PBX, public telephone, and Internet networks.

Code Blue Corp.

Fiber-optic signaling cable

The Lite-Connect multi-mode fiber solution is a centralized reporting method that safeguards systems from electrical damage, and eliminates significant telecommunications costs to send signals from individual fire alarm control panels. School, apartment, and retail complexes are ideal Lite-Connect applications. Any combination of up to 16 MS-9050UD and MS-9200UDLS remote fire alarm control panels from Fire-Lite Alarms can be connected via fiber-optic cable and report all signals through an MS-9050UD as the “main” panel. The use of multi-mode fiber-optic cable to connect panels offers robust protection from common ground faults and other electrical surges, many times caused by lightning strikes.

Fire-Lite Alarms

Wireless smart fire detectors

The Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT) detectors and modules seamlessly integrate with new and existing Notifier fire alarm systems. Using a Class A mesh network where every device acts as a repeater with redundant path communication, SWIFT systems are robust and self-healing, making them a reliable fire detection solution. Wireless technology also benefits the numerous installations where mounting detectors is challenging. Features include: photoelectric, photo/thermal, standard heat, and rate-of-rise heat detectors, and monitor module. SWIFT devices look and operate the same as wired counterparts. The SWIFT devices are UL listed under UL 268, UL 864, and part 15 of the FCC.


Sounder base for fire detectors

Siemens’ ABHW-4S audible sounder base for detectors meets the requirements of NFPA 72 and NFPA 720 codes for inclusion of a 520 Hz tone when fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are used in sleeping areas. Instead of using a separate audible sounder device, the ABHW-4S provides a self-contained solution that meets smoke, heat, CO, and low-frequency sounder base combined requirements, as well as a smaller footprint and a lower installed cost solution. A key feature is the capability to configure each sounder base independently. The ABHW-4S is an intelligent, addressable low-frequency sounder base, specifically designed for use in sleeping areas and anywhere that a 520 Hz tone is specified.

Siemens Industry Inc.

VoIP emergency communicator

Siemens’ Intelligent Voice Communication systems are flexible, networkable fire panels that leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver multiple unique messages simultaneously via high-quality digital voice. UL-listed as a fire alarm and an emergency communication system, the systems have a two-channel message player that supports up to 64 digital messages, and can deliver up to three targeted or differentiated messages simultaneously. The compact and scalable fire and emergency Intelligent Voice Communication systems have features such as hi-fi speakers and CD-quality sampling rate. All components fit into a single enclosure.

Siemens Industry Inc.

Ultra-smart fire detection system

FAAST XT brings all the capabilities of FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology—such as three-stage filtration, very early warning fire detection, and several integration options—to a broader range of applications. This allows FAAST XT to meet the needs of a variety of environments, including data centers where downtime from smoke or fire is costly. It’s also UL-approved for use in Class I, Division 2; Groups A, B, C, and D for hazardous locations. The smoke-sensing chamber can detect particulate up to 0.00046%/ft obscuration, and the two-light chamber offers increased accuracy and nuisance immunity.

System Sensor

Housing for fire detection systems

The FireLock Series 745 Fire-Pac is lockable, providing the device security required by fire protection codes while eliminating the need for a dedicated room or building to house the valve. Valves can be located in close proximity to the protected space, delivering fast response times. All components are pre-assembled inside the cabinet, and pipe connections feature grooved couplings and fittings, simplifying and speeding assembly. It features fully removable side and back panels for easy access and maintenance. The device protects facilities while saving space, time, and money on new construction, retrofits, and expansions. Options enable customization to meet facility specifications.


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Author Bio: Amanda is the Research Director and Project Manager of Awards Programs for CFE Media and its publications.