Campus Energy 2019: Presentations

Learn about the presentations from Campus Energy 2019.

By Affiliated Engineers April 23, 2019

Chilled Water TES Installation & Optimization at the National Institute of Health – Bethesda

A new 8 million gallon above-ground stratified thermal energy storage system (TESS) is now operating to shift the chiller dispatch at the 60,000 ton capacity central plant. The presentation will provide an overview of TES technology, applications, materials, construction, and operation.

Converting the University of Virginia District Steam & MTHW to a LTHW Heat Recovery System

An existing 230F MTHW distribution from the central steam plant to the academic grounds will be converted to a 170F LTHW network with heat recovery and a hot water boiler, significantly lessening the demand for steam from existing boilers that burn fossil fuels. Buildings fed from existing steam distribution are converted and connected to the new LTHW network allowing removal of steam distribution on academic grounds providing further energy and O&M savings.

Achieving Zero Net Energy with 57 Degrees F CHW and On-Site Energy Generation

AEI is designing a new 386,000 square foot facility for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in Riverside, CA. The building will house engine and chassis test cells, chemistry labs, and multiple floors of offices. Delivered under a design-build, stipulated sum delivery approach, the building is slated to achieve on-site zero net energy (ZNE), LEED Platinum, and CALGreen Tier 2. This presentation will discuss the innovative techniques being used at the CARB facility.

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