HVAC: ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and Air Movement

HVAC: ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and Air Movement

Air Date: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exam for Continuing Education Units

1 AIA CES accredited LU available for attendees

You must get 8 of 10 questions correct to pass the exam. You may retake the exam if necessary. You will be notified whether you passed or failed automatically after taking the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will be able to download the completion certificate immediately.


HVAC: ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and Air Movement

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Exam Question 1 *

Complying with ASHRAE 62.1 requires which of the following?

Checking Regional Air Quality relative to criteria pollutants
Surveying project site for potential local pollutant sources
Local air quality testing for criteria pollutants
Reviewing the results of outdoor air quality investigation with the owner’s representative
A, B, and C
A, B, and D
Exam Question 2 *

Class 2 air may be recirculated to a Class 3 space with different odors.

Exam Question 3 *

What is the minimum allowed distance between Class 3 exhaust and an air intake?

3 feet
10 feet
15 feet
30 feet
Exam Question 4 *

Ventilation effectiveness depends directly on all of the following except:

Room area
Room air temperature
Supply air temperature
Supply air velocity
Supply air location
Exam Question 5 *

More complicated controls are required for ASHRAE 62.1 compliance for a VAV reheat system than a dedicated outdoor air system.

Exam Question 6 *

What is the basic difference between ASHRAE 62.1 and 62.2?

ASHRAE 62.2 defines the required ventilation for all building types; ASHRAE 62.1 provides guidelines for building envelopes only.
There is no fundamental difference.
ASHRAE 62.1 is appropriate for commercial and institutional buildings; ASHRAE 62.2 provides guidelines for residential facilities.
Exam Question 7 *

Three primary requirements of 62.2 are: whole house ventilation, infiltration barriers, and local exhaust.

Exam Question 8 *

ASHRAE climatic restrictions reference cities identified as having extreme weather conditions based on:

50 years of historical climate data
Authority having jurisdiction
Tables 8.1 and 8.2 of the code
Exam Question 9 *

A fan with a sone rating of 3 is:

Exam Question 10 *

Codes and standards define:

Environmental contaminants
Minimum requirements
Moisture level limits
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