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Valve actuator provides users with reliable and safe operation in extreme applications. It includes a patented absolute encoder that does not require battery backup, patented circuit protection technology and menus in six languages. The enhanced model offers actuators for torques as large as 1,700 ft.


Valve actuator provides users with reliable and safe operation in extreme applications. It includes a patented absolute encoder that does not require battery backup, patented circuit protection technology and menus in six languages. The enhanced model offers actuators for torques as large as 1,700 ft./lb. and trust ratings as high as 75,000 lb. The enhanced model also provides improved diagnostic capabilities and a built-in self-test that verifies components. (Limitorque MX by Flowserve) Input #1 at

Lighting control transformers automatically reset after an overload situation. They are ideal for lighting control panels or where class 2 protection actuates relays, contactors, solenoid valves, pilot lamps and similar loads. Various models of transformers are available, each providing 40 VA continuous and 75 VA intermittent capacity ratings, for 50/60 Hz service. Input voltages range from 115 volts to 374 volts. Each model includes UL-recognized class 130 (B) insulation. (Lighting Control Transformer by Foster Transformer) #2

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system features 10 kVa of power capacity, flexible output voltage, internal batteries and an integrated maintenance bypass switch. The UPS system is offered as a compact 6U (10.5 in.) enclosure that is applicable for rack mounting or as a tower. It is manufactured with double conversion topology that continuously converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then to low-distortion AC power. (S4K6U UPS by Sola Hevi-Duty) #3

Manual faucets are manufactured from heavy-duty cast brass for years of reliable service. The model allows for fast installation and removal in kitchen and lavatory applications, because each above-deck faucet comes with wrenches, stainless steel hoses and mounting hardware. (QuickTop QT-Series Manual Faucets by Sloan Valve) #4

PTZ speed dome is designed for hostile environments. It features machined metal ball design and guards against vandal and hurricane damage. Constructed from 316 stainless steel, the speed dome provides twin support arms to secure the machined metal ball head, allowing versatile pan-tilt operation. Users mount the speed dome to surfaces, walls, ceilings or poles to capture surveillance images from above and below the camera. (Moondance Ballistic by Extreme CCTV) #5

Portable oscilloscope is said by the manufacturer to be the first 12-bit four-isolated channel 600 volt Cat II on the market with as many as eight traces on the screen. The device features five tools, including an oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, TRMS multimeter, harmonic analyzer and recorder. The model offers reporting and recording capabilities with an 8,000-count display, which shows as many as 18 parameters per signal. (OX 7104-CK by AEMC Instruments) #6

160-lumen white power LED produces luminous flux as high as 95 lumens or 85 lumens per watt at 350 mA, and as high as 160 lumens at 700 mA. The model is ideal for applications such as street lighting, retail high bay lighting and parking garage low bay lighting. The LED contains a 1,000 LED chip, which provides the industry's highest efficacy at 350 mA. (XLamp 7,090 power LED by Cree Inc.) #7

Electronic HID ballasts line expands to include the addition of a compact model for the operation of 150-watt metal halide lamps. This model measures 20% smaller and 3% more efficient than the manufacturer's previous 150-watt offering. This model features multiple-voltage technology that enhances ease of ordering, optimizes lamp color quality and reduces color variations. (e-Vision line by Advance) #8

Interface module allows users to interface ControlLogix 1756 platform by Allen Bradley and Metasys N2 by Johnson Controls. ControlLogix is a modular, high-performance PLC used for sequential, process, drive and motion control applications. Metasys N2 is a protocol for energy monitors, HVAC controls, I/O controls, lighting controls, motor controls and sensors. The interface allows these two programs to integrate, providing user-friendly display, trade port for advanced troubleshooting and custom configuration. (SlotServer ControlLogix/Metasys N2 by FieldServer Technologies) #9

Motor protection features accurate settings, mountings and communications options that allow for easy application. The model calculates speed from voltage and current, and through these measurements the model is able to calculate heat. This is claimed to solve the problem of high inertia and allows repeated starts without delay. The thermal model determines the longest starting time, with no need for speed switch, and reduces wait time between motor startups by as much as 33%. (SEL-710 Motor Protection Relay by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) #10

Carbon monoxide detector is ideal for security and fire panels specifically designed for system operation. Featuring built-in trouble relay and SEMS terminals for wiring supervision, the model calculates carbon monoxide concentrations accurately and communicates to the panel immediately. Other features include mounting options, low current draw and system-connecting capabilities for around-the-clock protection. (CO 1224 12/24-volt carbon monoxide detector by System Sensor) #11

Insulated tubes act as a humidification system option and reduce wasted energy by as much as 85% while reducing airstream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensation. The insulated tubes reduce thermal conductivity with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which rates for continuous high temperatures at 300°F. The PVDF material will not absorb water or support microbial growth, and will not degrade when exposed to UVC germicidal light. (Insulated tubes by DRI-STEEM) #12

Cooling unit for data centers and small computer rooms places cooling next to the heat source, thereby providing predictable heat removal for medium-, high- and ultra-high density deployments. The unit is the latest model that is able to support power densities as high as 70 kW per rack when used with hot air containment systems. It also is available in both chilled water and refrigerant-based designs, making it ideal for a wide range of environments. The model's design eliminates the need for constant speed fans, which saves energy and maximizes power. (InfraStrXure InRow RP cooling unit by American Power Conversion) #13

Fire alarm control panel is built for speed of detection and installation. It is engineered for small applications, using exclusive technologies that minimize installation time, speed alarm response and simplify maintenance and usability. The model supports as many as 318 intelligent devices—159 sensors/159 modules—on one signaling line circuit and has four notification appliance circuits. The panel also features patented intelligent device polling protocol, which exceeds worldwide code requirements for response time. (NFS-320 fire alarm control panel by NOTIFIER) #14

Commercial and industrial evaporative coolers are suitable for western climates and similar conditions. Patented water application technology ensures consistent evaporative efficiency of 85% to 90%. Maintenance, electricity and water consumption is reduced, which results in lower operation costs and provides positive returns on investment. These evaporative coolers do not contain pumps, floats, belts or sumps. Technology monitors incoming dry-bulb and wet-bulb conditions and delivers precise amounts of water to meet heat transfer requirements. (Evaporative cookers by AZEVAP LLC) #15

Flat oval duct line combines versatility of rectangular ducts with the benefits of round ducts. The line offers less joints and supports than rectangular ducts, which provides to overall installation costs. Oval ducts also are said to be more efficient and technologically advanced, because they have lower airflow resistance when compared to rectangular ducts. The line ensures that all fittings are individually inspected before each shipment and that duct sealant is not needed. (SPIROoval by Lindab USA) #16

Switchgear is designed for outdoor mounting in remote locations. The switchgear drive is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heat and direct sunlight, because it features an innovative enclosure design and power section topology that is two enclosure types married together. The transformer section is cooled through convection, and the other enclosure—the inverted section—is forced-air-cooled and uses non-CFC cooling components. (MTX NEMA 3R MV Outdoor Medium Voltage ASD by Toshiba International) #17

Enterprise server allows users to centrally monitor and support multiple retail sites. It includes an enterprise-level dashboard, alarm management, historical data collections, relational database management system interface and a reports subsystem. The server is designed to handle the requirements of large operations by enhancing HVAC functions, conserving energy, monitoring equipment and lowering operating costs. (Com-Trol Crysalis Enterprise Server by TAC) #18

Monochrome touchscreen provides versatile lighting control with simple, compact user interface for office buildings and retail outlets. The device holds memory to store as many as 100 screens, which include multi-point switching and dimming; master on/off switching; and schedules and scenes with multiple loads. (Square D Clipsal Monochrome Touch Screen by Schneider Electric) #19

Pump station modulates distribution for hydronic heating. In addition to the circulator, the station's components are 100% brass and come complete to supply high temperature, radiant floor DHW. There are three different low-temperature modules for heating zones with motorized or thermostatic mixing valve and one module for high temperature zones or boiler primary loop. (PAW by Solarnetix) #20

UPS management software monitors and manages UPS systems for workstations, servers, networks, data centers and facilities. One application includes automatic model detection, dequential shutdown, stealth mode operation and a cost calculator. The other is enterprise-wide UPS monitoring software that allows administrators to monitor multiple UPS and other power components. (LanSafe and PowerVision by Eaton) #21

Standard coupling provides flexible grooved-end pipe joint connections. The model is designed to reduce pipeline noise and is ideal for mechanical, plumbing and process piping applications. Its vibration attenuation characteristics are equal to or greater than elastomeric boot-type flexible metal-reinforced connections. The coupling provides strength in pressures as high as 1,000 psi without extra casting weight. (Gruvlok 7001 Couplings by Anvil International) #22

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