Zoning solution for VRF systems

Airzone January 17, 2024

Easyzone is an all-in-one zoning solution for ducted inverter / variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. This highly efficient, easy-to-install solution ships as a pre-wired kit, including the thermally insulated motorized plenum, control board and plenum neck. Easyzone’s plenum neck provides custom mechanical adaptation for each compatible HVAC unit for maximum efficiency and true plug-and-play installation.

Easyzone regulates the temperature in inverter/VRF systems with three to six zones independently on demand. The integrated control board dynamically adjusts temperature set point, fan speed, and capacity according to zone status, so no energy is wasted regulating the temperature of unoccupied areas. Users can customize their system with programmable time schedules and user modes and access the system remotely via Airzone’s Webserver and the Airzone Cloud app to check the system status or make adjustments from anywhere. HVAC professionals can also access the unit to check the error codes remotely through the app.

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