Wireless Processor

February 23, 2023

Lutron introduces the Athena wireless processor to its Athena lighting control system. The new processor is right sized for smaller spaces and yet easily scalable for use in larger projects. With the innovative Athena wireless processor, Athena systems do not require panels, and work with a wide range of both wireless and wired devices, saving coveted electrical closet space and giving designers, architects, and engineers greater flexibility.

Design professionals have come to expect increased versatility from the building systems they use. As the latest enhancement to Lutron’s Athena lighting control system, the Athena wireless processor empowers designers and their clients with tools that support future-proof lighting systems, and insights that drive efficient business decisions.

Cloud-connected lighting control for smart, human centric design.

The Lutron Athena system is your connected lighting solution for smarter spaces and more human centric experiences, and now the small, powerful Athena wireless processor expands system capabilities to enhance the simplicity, value, and flexibility of your projects.

·        Simplifies design and scalability Ideal for both small, luxury boutique applications and large office projects, the Athena wireless processor makes Lutron Athena the most complete, versatile, Ketra-ready control system for your most innovative and sustainable projects.

·        Expands choice and flexibility – Each Athena wireless processor can easily marry t

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