WeatherMaker 50FCQ Single Package Heat Pump Rooftop Series with EcoBlue Technology

November 10, 2022

The complete lineup of Carrier’s WeatherMaker 50FCQ packaged heat pump products begins at 3 tons and expands all the way up to – an industry first – 25 ton unitary rooftop unit (RTU) heat pump. The entire lineup offers our patented vane axial EcoBlue indoor fan system, which provides excellent external static pressure capability and an unprecedented ease of set up. EcoBlue offers reliable ECM powered vane axial fans that are up to 40% more efficient while using 75% less moving parts than a traditional belt driven fan system. The result is clean and quiet operation that is easier to set up and install for contractors.

A decarbonized society means using heat pump technology in locations and sizes that have not been common historically. Our engineering team took EcoBlue technology and expanded the size range. The results are RTUs with completely redesigned compression systems and indoor fan systems that utilize up to two, side by side, EcoBlue fan assemblies in a single cabinet. All of this was achieved while maintaining historical footprints and the ease of setup.

The 25 ton size allows it to be used on new and replacement projects for light commercial spaces and on large warehouses. These units provide the required cooling capacity using clean, efficient heat pump technology with fewer RTUs, which is better for the environment. We believe this product is an important step towards a cleaner, sustainable, heat pump future.

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