SwitchFire Condensing Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks March 15, 2023

Cleaver-Brooks announces the launch of its new SwitchFire condensing boiler, developed for applications requiring dual-fuel capabilities such as healthcare facilities and other critical operations. The boiler utilizes a state-of-the-art burner that operates with low excess air levels, increasing boiler efficiency and condensing performance. In addition, its dual-return design improves boiler operating efficiency compared to a traditional single-return system. The dual-fuel SwitchFire is available in capacities from 6,000 to 12,000 MBH and is AHRI-certified at 95.9% combustion efficiency and 98.5% thermal efficiency.

“The SwitchFire boiler is an optimized combination of core Cleaver-Brooks technologies,” explained Catie VanWormer, director of Hydronics for Cleaver-Brooks. “Combining the EX firetube design with attributes of the ClearFire-LC boiler has allowed us to offer an ideal condensing boiler solution for our customers. In addition, the SwitchFire’s robust high-mass firetube boiler design offers an efficient and reliable solution for customers needing various fuel back-up options.”

The proprietary EX firetube, constructed of 316L stainless steel, enables the SwitchFire to achieve optimal heat transfer and condensing performance. The tube technology has been used for more than a decade in Cleaver-Brooks firetube boilers and is now available in condensing models.

The SwitchFire utilizes a Siemens controls system and a Weishaupt burner that fires natural gas or #2 furnace.

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