Saginaw Enviro-Therm Series Enclosure Air Conditioners

AutomationDirect April 27, 2022

AutomationDirect has added a new line of Saginaw enclosure air conditioners designed to efficiently keep the internal temperature of an electrical enclosure at a safe level, protecting the enclosed equipment from overheating and moisture damage. These air conditioners utilize closed-loop cooling to keep contaminants in the ambient air out of the enclosure and are perfect for applications where filter fans are not sufficient or where the ambient temperature is not adequate for a heat exchanger. Rugged, energy-efficient, and reliable Enviro-Therm air conditioners offer superior cooling capacity, up to 21,160 BTU/H, and are constructed with heavy gauge carbon or stainless steel. The NextGen Enviro-Therm series provides excellent cooling with even better efficiency. Both series are available with various BTU/H options, voltages, dimensions, and NEMA ratings to meet your specific needs. New Saginaw enclosure air conditioners are easily installed, use an environmentally friendly and chlorine-free refrigerant, come with a reusable mesh filter, and start at $1,920.00 with a two-year warranty. Learn more by visiting:

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