PanelView Plus 7 Performance Graphic Terminal – Series B

March 24, 2022

The PanelView™ Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal has been significantly improved with the launch of Series B. The preceding Series A graphic terminal ran on Windows® CE 6.0 operating system, which is no longer fully supported by Microsoft. Also, the components used in the Series A product are aging and have a shrinking supply chain. The PanelView Plus 7 Performance Series B was developed to help protect our customers who have invested in PanelView Plus hardware and FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition software by extending the life of our offering.The Series B has been updated to run on a modern operating system and has updated hardware with improved long-term supply chain support. It has enhanced product security and support for modern peripherals, such as printers. With significantly increased user storage, the Series B can better support today’s needs. The Series B product uses ControlFLASH™ software for firmware updates, which align with other Allen-Bradley® products. We have also improved our customers’ ability to resolve any potential corruption issues with the addition of a hardware maintenance menu button.The PanelView Plus 7 Performance Series B is the latest update to the PanelView Plus 7 Performance product line. Rockwell Automation strives to help support our customers’ investments by continuing to improve the PanelView Plus 7 product family.

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