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Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps October 16, 2023

TECHNOFORCE e-MTV Packaged Booster System

Designed with premium functionality, similar to the TECHNOFORCE e-MTX, Bell & Gossett's newest TECHNOFORCE e-MTV Packaged System offers standout efficiency from installation to operation, all while delivering overall lower costs. Built to maintain a constant clean water delivery pressure, the e-MTV is a prefabricated solution that arrives ready to install for easy integration, saving time and labor. A variety of fixed-SKU options all feature e-SV stainless steel vertical multistage pumps, one of the highest efficiency multistage pumps on the market today, while the 7-inch color touchscreen interface provides an intuitive and simplified user interface for ease of commissioning and troubleshooting. “Advancing solutions that meet our customers’ growing demand for shorter lead times and ready-to-use options reflects our commitment to strengthening the user experience and simplifying operations,” said James Wilkinson, Americas product manager, packaged systems, Xylem.

Engineered Materials October 13, 2023

High-Performance Thermoplastic Composite Aerospace Brackets

Lightweight durable parts are an excellent replacement for metal materials Lansdale, PA – Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions and engineered components, highlights the availability of Xycomp DLF high-performance thermoplastic composite aerospace brackets, which can endure the substantial demands of aerospace environments while offering significant weight savings over metallic parts. Greene Tweed aerospace production components have been flying since 2011 and at 35 to 60 percent lighter than competitive metallic components, the brackets are an excellent replacement for metal materials. Greene Tweed’s proprietary compression molding system provides high performance solutions with increased part complexity. The aerospace brackets, which are used to join structural elements together, provide support, and hold essential components firmly in place, can now be produced in complex-contour shapes for near-net, intricate geometry with molded-in features such as bushings or attachment points.   The material meets fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) safety requirements for interior aerospace parts, and offers excellent resistance to aerospace solvents, high temperatures, and high vibrations for extended component life.

Greene Tweed
Electrical, Power October 2, 2023

Energy storage systems for power system design

Cat Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are commercially available battery technologies that help enhance power reliability and quality, improve flexibility in power system design, support the integration of renewable energy sources and potentially reduce overall energy costs Now available for purchase and rental from Cat dealers in select regions worldwide, Cat ESS offerings include Cat power grid stabilization (PGS) and Cat energy time shift (ETS) modules with optional energy capacity expansion (ECE) modules. The systems feature flexible, scalable and modular designs for a wide range of electric power distributed energy system applications, offering capabilities including generator set transient assist, grid integration and support, shifting of energy from time of generation to time of use, power stabilization, power factor correction and renewable energy integration.

Lighting and Lighting Controls September 28, 2023

Pico line-powered wireless control

Lutron Electronics, the global leader in wireless lighting control solutions, introduces the Pico line-powered wireless control for commercial projects that require a battery-free option. The new line-powered device is connected to line-voltage power and communicates wirelessly via RF to Vive wireless load-control devices including dimmers, switches, fixture controllers, and receptacle controllers. .

HVAC/R and Mechanical September 25, 2023

BAER Belt Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan Line

Greenheck has expanded its BAER belt drive sidewall propeller fan line to include supply airflow configurations and expanded sizes. Model BAER is now available in supply and exhaust configurations with propeller diameters from 24- to 48-in. and performance capabilities from 300 to 54,000 cfm or up to 3.3 in.

September 21, 2023

FLIR ONE Edge visible camera system

The FLIR ONE Edge is a wireless dual thermal and visible camera system for mobile devices. Purpose-built for applications across remediation, automotive, electrical, HVAC and plumbing, the new model offers the same detachable form factor as the FLIR ONE Edge Pro with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, but with features tailored to the needs of consumers, small businesses and enterprise volume purchases. DIYers to professional tradespersons to enterprises now have a future-proofed option that works with both iOS and Android mobile devices, along with guided inspection apps and free cloud storage, to make thermal inspection more effective and convenient. The FLIR ONE Edge connects to a smart device through the FLIR ONE app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, allowing users to identify thermal hot or cold spots that could indicate faults and developing issues. Similar to the FLIR ONE Edge Pro, FLIR ONE Edge provides superior context and clarity for everyday decision support through Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, a patented image enhancement feature that overlays visible edge detail on the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal details. To support thermographers both new and experienced, the FLIR ONE Edge is compatible with a rich set of software tools from Teledyne FLIR.

Air Quality September 19, 2023

Hornet destratification fan

Hornet is an industrial-focused, destratification fan specifically designed to deliver increased energy efficiency, better building performance, improved storage resiliency, and superior comfort, productivity, and safety to your most demanding applications. A powerful, versatile, durable, and proven destratification fan, Hornet offers a simple solution to a complex problem -- mixing warm air from the ceiling to the floor to provide a more even temperature distribution throughout your facility. Ideal for congested areas and heavily obstructed environments, like racking aisles and areas with utility drops, Hornet can work alone or be paired with HVLS fans to provide a whole-building destratification solution in facilities. Fan Features: IP55, ultra-quiet, 1/3 HP motor and 2 aluminum blades Heavy-gauge steel frame and lower guard secures and protects motor and blades Vibration-dampening housing made from durable high-density polyethylene Variable speed settings that deliver up to 5,749 CFM Hornet "Speed" Controller and BAFCon/BACNet only enabled with the automation & multi-fan kit BAFCon control is NOT included and needs to be purchased separately Industry-leading 5-year warranty and best-in-class safety features Allows operation at elevated speeds, providing a cooling effect when desired in warmer months.

Big Ass Fans
HVAC/R and Mechanical September 19, 2023

VELTRON III Pressure and Flow Transmitter

The VELTRON III Pressure & Airflow Transmitter is a pivotal addition to the HVAC industry. Designed for cutting-edge building airflow distribution systems, fan inlet airflow measurement, and room pressurization, the VELTRON III is set to redefine the standards of reliability and accuracy in airflow measurement. The VELTRON III is a multifunctional, dual-channel transmitter specifically engineered for HVAC airflow measurement applications.

Air Monitor Corporation
Lighting and Lighting Controls September 7, 2023

PowerLine 200 Gen 2 Driverless Tape Light

The PowerLine 200 Gen 2 is the next generation of the direct-connect PowerLine 200 driverless tape light. Offering ETL Listed custom lengths in 12-inch increments for continuous runs up to 164 feet, the tape light provides the same high-quality performance, reliability and compatibility provided by the popular PowerLine family. The PowerLine 200 Gen 2 is available for both 120-volt driverless hard-wire and plug-in installations and features one of the broadest selections of configuration options on the market.

Alloy LED
HVAC/R and Mechanical August 31, 2023

EH oil regeneration fine filter element

The EH oil regeneration fine filter element DR913EA03V/-W is a primary filter element in the turbine EH oil regeneration system. Its main function is to filter impurities and particulate matter in the fuel oil to avoid affecting the regeneration device. Why use this precision filter cartridge as a primary filtration device? The main reasons are as follows: High filtration accuracy: The regeneration unit requires a high level of purity for EH oil, and requires removal of fine particles and contaminants.

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