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Power Generation June 3, 2024

Gas generator sets offering hydrogen blending

Available at global Cat dealers for 50 or 60 Hz applications, the 12- and 16-cylinder versions of Cat CG260 gas generator sets are approved to operate on gas containing up to 25% hydrogen by volume. The CG260 provides up to 4.5 MW of electric power for continuous, prime and load management requirements. Additionally, Caterpillar offers retrofit kits to update CG260 generator sets already installed with these same hydrogen capabilities.  .

Data Centers May 30, 2024

Customized data center cooling solutions

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), the global leader in modular cooling equipment, highlights its cooling solutions ideal for data center applications. Data centers use a dense network of computing and storage that enable the processing and delivery of applications and data for organizations. Mitigating heat and humidity is a leading concern around data center maintenance.  Data centers require near-constant uptime and equipment failures can mean catastrophic losses.

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps May 30, 2024

Chemical metering pumps for OEM applications

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) highlights its range of Qdos chemical metering pumps for chemical processing and OEM applications. The Qdos range features a simple drop-in installation that eliminates the ancillary equipment required by diaphragm pump alternatives while maintaining accurate, linear, and repeatable metering for all chemical processing conditions. Qdos peristaltic chemical metering pumps have flow rates ranging from 0.001 to 32 USGPH at up to 100 psi with +/- 1% accuracy. An intuitive menu offers advanced control features including fluid level monitoring, line priming, fluid recovery, leak detection, and flow calibration. Qdos pumps are available with either 110V AC or 12-24V DC. The 12-24V DC power option increases the range of Qdos applications involving remote applications where 110V AC power supply is not available. Qdos pumps offer long maintenance intervals, and have no valves or seals to clog, leak or corrode.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions
HVAC/R and Mechanical May 30, 2024

Evaporative condenser with enhanced controls for EC fan system models

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) announces enhancements to the Vertex Evaporative Condenser, where peak reliability meets easy maintenance. For models with the EC Fan System, enhanced controls are now available including a user interface and integral pump control which maximizes uptime and reliability. “In 2018, when we launched the Vertex evaporative condenser, we began our innovation process by seeking to understand what our customers really need and want from us. After that launch, we continued to listen.

Baltimore Aircoil Company
HVAC/R and Mechanical May 15, 2024

HVAC Monitoring Sensors

Sensaphone provides specialized sensors designed to help facility managers maintain optimal HVAC conditions and ensure efficient equipment operation. These sensors monitor key parameters, including pressure, vibration, differential pressure and airflow. By continuously collecting real-time data, the sensors enable the accompanying monitoring device to promptly notify the designated personnel when readings fall outside the established norms.

Buildings May 15, 2024

Drawer systems for closet applications

Grass America, a leading supplier of functional hardware to the cabinet industry, highlights the application of its durable drawer systems to closet spaces. From the budget-conscious Zargen drawer system to the premium Nova Pro Scala, the utility and durability of Grass' solutions empower architects and designers to enhance closet spaces with superior performance and premium aesthetics.  With their fast assembly and interchangeable components, Grass' drawer systems provide a superior storage solution over traditional dovetail wooden boxes. Both drawer types are compatible with 32mm indexing and come in 50 mm increments, ideal for closet design, manufacturing, and installation.

Grass America
HVAC/R and Mechanical May 10, 2024

AR1 UV-C Indoor Air Quality Solution

Fellowes, a global leader and trusted partner that provides product solutions to fulfill a broad range of WorkLife needs, highlights its Fellowes Array Recess AR1 UV-C indoor air quality solution, a cutting-edge unit that employs Ultraviolet-C light disinfection to eliminate airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria. This unit is an ideal addition to an IAQ system for areas where occupants may have compromised immune systems or anywhere there is a high risk of airborne disease, leading them to seek to inactivate pathogens, such as nurses stations within schools, daycare centers, fitness centers, and assisted living facilities.  The AR1 UV-C is part of the Array line of networked air quality products, a comprehensive range of air purifiers, sensors, and monitoring software that can be combined and connected to form a complete network for healthy air in any room, floor, or space while complementing any HVAC system. Whether installed as a standalone device or as part of a building-wide network of integrated Array air purification components, the AR1 UV-C can be added to the Array Viewpoint cloud-based dashboard, designed to empower facility managers with actionable insights.

Air Quality May 1, 2024

Built-in high volume purification unit

The Stratus HVP - Built in High Volume Purification Unit is capable of up to 4,850 cubic feet per minute of clean airflow. Our arena-style air cleaner will soon be a staple in America’s entertainment industry. How do you clean the air in larger occupied spaces such as arenas, indoor sports facilities, auditoriums and retail spaces? That’s been a challenge for facility and venue owners and operators. Thanks to its substantial airflow, the Stratus HVP simplifies effectively cleaning and distributing clean air in larger spaces. With new indoor air quality and ventilation standards on the horizon, the Stratus is the perfect solution for high-occupancy commercial venues.

Air Quality May 1, 2024

High volume purifier for clean airflow

Airbox USA introduces the Vortex HVP Multi-use High Volume Purification Unit – capable of up to 552,000 cubic feet per hour of clean airflow. Think of it as central air purification with minimal impact on your current ventilation system. Cleaning the air in immense commercial spaces such as public assembly and entertainment venues, educational facilities, healthcare, industrial manufacturing spaces, large retail spaces, and multi-family buildings has been a challenge for facility owners and operators, until now. The Vortex High Volume Purifier has the capacity to meet a wide range of purification needs for commercial occupied spaces. With new indoor air quality and ventilation standards on the horizon, the Vortex is the ideal solution for engineers and building owners.

HVAC/R and Mechanical April 30, 2024

air365 Max cold-climate VRF heat pump

The high-efficiency air365 Max with HeatForce is a top-flow VRF heating and cooling system that delivers seamless comfort, best-in-class energy efficiency and easy installation and maintenance for professionals, architects and commercial building owners looking to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint. The air365 Max with HeatForce can operate at 100% heating capacity with outdoor temperatures as low as -13 °F and at 90% heating capacity down to -22 °F. This makes the end-to-end heating and cooling solution ideal for commercial buildings in North America – especially cold-climate regions. This best-in-class energy efficiency performance is made possible by SmoothDrive 2.0 which allows the system to control compressor rotation speed with precision of 0.1 Hz per step, significantly increasing energy efficiency at partial load. The ability to directly control the capacity, even at low loads, helps increase efficiency up to 39% under part-load conditions, and decreases running costs, leading to lowered CO2 emissions.

Johnson Controls