MSU-DFX Luminaire

March 22, 2022

Leviton Lighting brand Viscor recently announced they are launching a new Certolux MSU-DFX luminaire featuring 365DisInFxTM UVA technology designed to promote cleaner surgical suites. This is the first luminaire Viscor’s Certolux brand has released featuring 365DisInFx UVA Technology since Leviton Lighting brands announced they were licensing the technology for incorporation into their portfolio in 2020.“Our new MSU-DFX luminaire provides an innovative and highly effective UVA technology intended for operating rooms that can help reduce bacteria, which is the most common source of surgical site infections,” said Tim Stevens, director of product management, Certolux. “This unique technology combined within Certolux’s best-in-class surgical luminaire, provides superior illumination, disinfection, and simplicity.”The new surgical luminaire with DFX technology has the added benefit of 365nm UVA light. This technology provides a controlled amount of UVA light to reduce the bacteria on surfaces within surgical suites. The use of this low-energy invisible light near the visible spectrum is suitable for 24-hour human exposure yet dramatically reduces bacteria.To learn more about Viscor’s MSU-DFX troffer with 365DisInFx™ UVA technology, please visit:

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