Low-pressure rotary screw air compressor

Kaishan Compressor USA April 17, 2023

KRSL low-pressure rotary screw air compressors are fully packaged and ready to be plugged into any system or operate independently. End users can expect improved efficiency, consistent airflow, reduced noise levels, a smaller footprint and a lower total cost of ownership throughout its lifespan.

The KRSL is designed ground up specifically for low-pressure applications. Its variable discharge port technology offers efficiency and versatility, delivering the right amount of air pressure exactly when needed. This ensures that the compressor always operates at its most efficient point, minimizing energy consumption and costs.

This series also boasts a versatile lineup, offering power capacities ranging from 30 HP to 200 HP. They can also deliver pressure between 25 psig and 45 psig, all within a single, compact package.

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