IOT Jetstream

Buildings IoT January 1, 2020

IOT Jetstream is a smart building integration platform that empowers the delivery of innovative solutions for the built environment with a developer-friendly API. Bring cloud and on-premises building systems, equipment, and applications together with a unifying data model. Unlock building data, enable interoperability, and reduce the amount of time it takes to gain insights into building operations. And streamline innovation and eliminate development redundancies all with IOT Jetstream.

With IOT Jetstream, developers no longer must understand the building automation industry to deliver innovative solutions to the built environment. Minimize the complexity of solution development and streamline technology advancement to transform the built environment. Reduce the time and resources needed to learn the intricacies of data standardization, normalization, API development, and relationship modeling. IOT Jetstream gives you the ability to spend your time focusing on your core offering

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