Interact Pro Scalable System

Signify June 1, 2021

Signify’s Interact Pro scalable system makes your smart building journey easy and cost-effective. You can get started on day 1 without any IT support by simply installing and connecting Interact Ready luminaires, retrofit kits and lamps with integrated sensors and get the benefit of deep energy savings from unique behaviors like adaptive dimming and dwell time. With an intuitive configuration app, you can fast-track the system setup, spend less time on-site, and turn over the project quickly, while minimizing labor costs.  This flexible system can also evolve as business needs change – you can scale up all the way to access IoT benefits without displacing or replacing the luminaires or sensors, so your original investment is protected. With the Interact Pro scalable system, you can achieve your sustainability targets, reduce your operational expense, and improve occupant experience.  More information can be found on our website and in this product bulletin.

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