January 12, 2022

With the IMBA-Q470 ICP Germany offers an industrial ATX motherboard, which has a multitude of fast expansion interfaces. PCI Express is available in the efficient and fast version 3.0 and offers transfer rates of almost 16GByte per second. This makes the interface almost four times faster than the first PCI Express version and nearly twice as fast as its predecessor. One x16 and three x4 slots as well as one M.2 2242/2280 x4 and M.2 2230 x1 with PCI Express version 3.0 are available on the IMBA-Q470. Furthermore, the IMBA-Q470 offers thirteen USB interfaces. In addition to the classic USB2.0, four fast USB 3.2 Gen 1 with 5Gb/s and two USB3.2 Gen 2 with 10Gb/s can be accessed. In addition, the IMBA-Q470 offers two 2.5GbE network interfaces for fast communication with network devices. In order to process this data, the motherboard supports Intel® Core I processors of the 10th and 11th generation. In addition to the Celeron and Pentium entry-level models, the powerful Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 can also be used here. The motherboard can accommodate up to 128 GBytes of RAM with a maximum clock rate of 2933MHz on its four DDR4 RAM slots. The processor’s Intel UHD or HD graphics unit offers up to 4K on three independent graphics outputs. Display Port, HDMI and VGA are available for graphics output. Furthermore, four SATA 6Gb/s ports with RAID 0/1/5 and 10 function are available for storage media. So that older devices can also be connected, the IMBA-Q470 offers three PCI slots for expa

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