Healthcare, Laboratory and Cleanroom Air Distribution Products

Greenheck January 30, 2023

Greenheck’s new line of healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom (HLC) air distribution products are designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed today’s critical environment standards for performance and energy efficiency. This product line includes Laminar Flow Diffusers, Radial Flow Diffusers, and Surgical Air Curtains.

Laminar flow diffusers are engineered to provide a vertical projection of low-velocity supply air, introducing clean supply air without the entrainment of airborne particulate in the space due to its low velocity. These diffusers play a critical role in maintaining an aseptic environment below the diffusers in operating rooms, patient isolation rooms, pharmacies, and cleanrooms.

Radial flow diffusers provide an effective method of air distribution in laboratory and patient isolation room applications where a high volume of air is required. The specialized air pattern design produces a uniform pattern with a very short throw that does not interfere with fume hood operation.

Surgical air curtains are custom designed and precisely fabricated to accommodate the specialized medical, mechanical, and electrical considerations of operating room environments. Surgical air curtain systems integrate seamlessly with laminar flow diffusers and exhaust grilles to limit the mixing of supply air with room air within the operating room space for increased air cleanliness during surgical procedures.

Greenheck HLC products are configured to order and factory-tested.

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