Gridpak portable renewable energy solution

Trystar March 8, 2023

Trystar, a leader in electrical testing, control, and conveyance products, is introducing a carbon-neutral, solar-based, portable renewable energy solution to help utilities and rental house customers respond to demands for more carbon-friendly power sources. The GridPak is a carbon-neutral alternative to conventional diesel and gas power sources. It provides up to 30kW of power and features battery capacities of 60kWh and 120kWh, with an option for 180kWh. The GridPak solar array collects 320kWh of energy (eight-hour day) weekly. Operators can parallel up to four GridPaks to provide as much as 720kWh of carbon-free power. In inclement weather, GridPak features a low-noise propane generator capable of generating 6.5kW to supplement solar charging. The energy is stored in a series of Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries. Battery charging times (calculated as 60kWh battery) are 2.0 hours (utility), 9.2 hours (generator at 6.5 kW), and 10.5 hours (solar at 5.7 kW). A single GridPak system can offset 2510 pounds of CO2 per week or 65 T CO2 per year. GridPak saves an estimated 98 gallons of diesel fuel per week or 5096 gallons annually.

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