GordonGlo Elite Weather-Resistant Infrared Patio Heaters

April 29, 2024

Leading infrared heating manufacturer Roberts-Gordon recently launched the GordonGlo™ Elite radiant heater for commercial and residential patios and other outdoor venues. Built with durable construction and components, model GGE weather-resistant, gas-fired heaters withstand rain, snow, and winds up to forty mph.

The exclusive burner design sets the standard in outdoor heating and safety by preventing heat rollout during harsh wind conditions, eliminating exposed flames outside the heater, even when mounted at a 60° angle. Available in natural gas or LPG propane, the heater’s attractive design complements any outdoor or indoor aesthetic. Model GGE infrared heaters save energy by heating people, floors, and objects, not the air. Two-stage or single stage operation further optimizes comfort and efficiency.

GordonGlo Elite radiant heaters can be ceiling or wall mounted under awnings, patios and covered areas blanketing the space below in warmth like the sun while keeping valuable floor space clear. For restaurants and bars, heating outdoor spaces extends seating capacity and increases revenue during the colder months.

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