Bodine December 1, 2023

Bodine’s FirstLink is an innovative connected emergency lighting system that simplifies the code required egress lighting testing and reporting. Composed of FirstLink ready LED drivers, exit signs, combo exit signs, and unit equipment, FirstLink combines many of the benefits of an enterprise level connected emergency lighting system with the simplicity and flexibility of a stand-alone system.


The local network of FirstLink devices is connected to the free FirstLink application, which provides instant access to the status of your system. Simply open the app to view the condition of all FirstLink devices and generate a report for saving or sharing. The FirstLink app allows for operations typically found only in much more costly and complex enterprise level systems, like test scheduling, on the spot testing, and project access sharing. Additionally, the FirstLink application enables a speedy installation and commissioning of the system on a smart device, which can easily be accomplished by someone on-site.



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