EH oil regeneration fine filter element

August 31, 2023

The EH oil regeneration fine filter element DR913EA03V/-W is a primary filter element in the turbine EH oil regeneration system. Its main function is to filter impurities and particulate matter in the fuel oil to avoid affecting the regeneration device. Why use this precision filter cartridge as a primary filtration device? The main reasons are as follows:

  1. High filtration accuracy: The regeneration unit requires a high level of purity for EH oil, and requires removal of fine particles and contaminants. The precision filter element DR913EA03V/-W has high filtration precision and can effectively remove fine particles and suspended solids to ensure high purity of hydraulic oil.
  2. High system reliability: The precision filter element DR913EA03V/-W serves as the primary filter element, protecting important components such as the subsequent diatomaceous earth filter element and ion exchange resin filter element from being compromised by tiny particles and impurities. By removing particles and contaminants, the failure rate of hydraulic systems can be reduced and the reliability and stability of the system improved.
  3. Long filtration cycle: The precision filter element DR913EA03V/-W has a long service life and requires relatively less replacement. As a primary filter element, its main task is to perform primary filtration and block most particles. Due to the removal of particles before it, precision filter cartridges have a longer service life.

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