February 6, 2023

Easyzone is well established in the European marketplace as an easy-to-install and energy-efficient zoning solution. It ships as a pre-wired kit, including the thermally insulated motorized plenum, control board and plenum neck. The plenum neck provides custom mechanical adaptation for each model of HVAC unit, so installation is truly plug-and-play. Easyzone is available with either 6- or 8-inch dampers. Easyzone can regulate temperature and airflow capacity in up to six independent zones via Airzone’s patented airflow regulation mechanism. No bypass damper is required; Airzone’s unique control board precisely adjusts the airflow and unit capacity, resulting in energy consumption savings of up to 30%.

Easyzone is backed by Airzone’s exclusive library of manufacturer protocols, enabling sophisticated two-way communication between the VRF unit and the Easyzone system for controlling airflow capacity, set point temperature, fan speed, operation mode and more. Easyzone is compatible with a range of fully programmable wired and wireless thermostats, enabling seven-day scheduling, setback, etc. for each zone. Airzone’s deep API stack also enables full integration with BMS such as BACnet and Modbus and home automation systems including Control4, Crestron, Lutron, ELAN, and Savant. The system can also be controlled remotely from any location via a web browser or the Airzone Cloud app, available on iOS and Android. HVAC professionals can also access the unit to check.

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