DCD High-Lumen 4-inch Downlighting Series

DMF Lighting October 1, 2019

The DCD Series brings together robust lighting capability and a highly modular system that radically simplifies configuration in the field. With just one housing type, you can change optics, lumen outputs, or switch to an adjustable. The series is flexible enough to illuminate an entire project with a broad range of light and aesthetics options, all with just one housing. Select from either a General (DCD3) or Adjustable (DCD4) module, and pair it with a beautifully finished trim to create the results you’re looking for. The series makes it all simple with precision-crafted, interoperable components.

The modules feature an integrated driver that’s easily replaceable. Built for fast installation and ease of use, both modules are the center point of our highly modular system, allowing to switch one out for the other (100$ tool-free), change lumens, or beam angles, all while keeping labor cost low. The DCD3 delivers up to 3000 lumens at 90+ CRI, perfect for higher ceiling applications. Its tool-free, field-changeable lenses and trims offer endless lighting customization, allowing to easily change how your spaces feel and perform. Whether you’re lighting a concert hall or a corridor, the DCD3 gives impressive versatility that’s incredibly simple to use. The DCD4 puts powerful lighting (up to 2500 lumens) exactly where you want it with 360° of aimable rotation and up to 40° of tilt.



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