Critical power monitoring device

Legrand Data Power and Control January 23, 2024

M70 is Starline’s next-generation power monitoring device for mission-critical environments. The platform offers enhanced energy metering to ensure your system’s electrical infrastructure is performing at optimal levels.

Revenue-grade power monitoring data is essential when making actionable, purpose-driven decisions in the data center environment. Whether that monitoring is required at the power feed, branch-circuit level or stand-alone enclosure, Starline’s M70 offers unmatched granularity.

Equipped with the most comprehensive breadth of features on the market, the meter includes everything from temperature monitoring to audible alarms and a pivoting display for easy visual access from the floor.

Features and benefits of the M70 include:

  • Redesigned LED and LCD displays for real-time visual data reference.

  • Easily configured with DCIM and BMS packages for quick field deployment.

  • The most extensive communications protocol offering on the market.

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