Ceiling exhaust fan line with two additional models

June 26, 2024

Greenheck has expanded its MultiSPEC SP-LP ceiling exhaust fan line with two new high-performance models. Model SP-LP0511H features an integrated humidity sensor that helps control moisture to prevent mold and mildew with 50/80/110 cfm speed selections. Model SP-LP0810W features two-speed operation for whole-house continuous ventilation (30-100 cfm range) to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements. Both new models are available in lighted configurations and are compatible with the CRD-300WT, a UL 263-certified Ceiling Radiation Damper.

Greenheck SP-LP ceiling exhaust fans are powered by an electronically commutated motor (ECM) with constant CFM adaptive, variable speed technology programmed to overcome the static pressure associated with common commercial, multifamily, and residential installations (0.4 in. wg and above). The motor reacts to increased static pressure by increasing its speed to supply the airflow required to remove unhealthy air and moisture and meet the latest energy codes. Offering quiet operation in a low-profile design, SP-LP fans are ideal for multifamily installations with a 3.5” housing depth that allows for wall or ceiling installations and easily fits in a 2×4 stud bay. With airflow up to 110 cfm, MultiSPEC SP-LP fans are the most powerful low-profile exhaust fans on the market.

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