Baltimore Aircoil Company Series 3000

January 23, 2024

Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. (BAC), a marketplace leader in cooling solutions, highlights their evaporative cooling solutions for electric vehicle battery (EV) manufacturing. EV production is growing at a rapid rate. It is critical to maintain optimal battery temperatures during production to preserve the battery’s performance capacity and ensure its full lifespan.

With any high-capacity manufacturing project, utilizing an efficient cooling system can increase your energy savings, decreasing overall spend. BAC’s Series 3000 Cooling Tower, showcases industry-leading evaporative cooling technology with unparalleled reliability and the highest energy efficiency on the market. The Series 3000 tower is ideal for EV battery manufacturing applications because of its ease of installation and year-round operation capability.

The Series 3000 Cooling Tower offers durability and easy maintenance—two crucial components to successful manufacturing. It features corrosion-resistant fiberglass casing panels and louvers. Plus, its high accessibility and hygienic cold water basin makes it one of the easiest cooling solutions to maintain. The Series 3000 tower comes with the option to add on BAC’s Enduradrive Fan System. This add-on makes it the only modular cooling tower in the world to feature a direct drive fan system. The system enhances cooling capabilities with virtually no maintenance overhead. With no gears or transmission parts, there are fewer opportunities for fan failure.

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