air365 Max cold-climate VRF heat pump

April 30, 2024

The high-efficiency air365 Max with HeatForce is a top-flow VRF heating and cooling system that delivers seamless comfort, best-in-class energy efficiency and easy installation and maintenance for professionals, architects and commercial building owners looking to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint.

The air365 Max with HeatForce can operate at 100% heating capacity with outdoor temperatures as low as -13 °F and at 90% heating capacity down to -22 °F. This makes the end-to-end heating and cooling solution ideal for commercial buildings in North America – especially cold-climate regions.

This best-in-class energy efficiency performance is made possible by SmoothDrive 2.0 which allows the system to control compressor rotation speed with precision of 0.1 Hz per step, significantly increasing energy efficiency at partial load. The ability to directly control the capacity, even at low loads, helps increase efficiency up to 39% under part-load conditions, and decreases running costs, leading to lowered CO2 emissions. SmoothDrive 2.0 also enables air365 Max to operate at stable and precise temperatures, which provides greater seamless comfort for building occupants.

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