AER Configurable Condenser Fan

January 9, 2023

Regulates temperature and provides ventilation for equipment in demanding applications

Greenheck’s AER direct drive configurable condenser fan can help regulate temperature and provide proper ventilation for your equipment, even in the most demanding applications where elevated water and temperature protection is required. Available in four sizes ranging from 20 to 36, the AER condenser fan offers performance up to 29,800 cfm and external static pressure up to 2.80 in. wg. Model AER features galvanized steel construction and can be specified in multiple mounting configurations with fabricated steel or cast aluminum propellers. Motor options include alternating current (AC) or electronically commutated (EC) motors that can be specified with up to IP55 and 60c severe-duty motor protection ratings. AMCA certified for Sound and Air Performance and UL/cUL 705 Listed, the AER condenser fan is ideal for clean air applications including tempered air systems, dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), data centers, data mining, and other mission critical applications.

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