850-W MPR0812 Power Supplies

June 21, 2023

To help address the challenges of more power in less space, ABB Power Conversion has expanded its MPR-series rectifier family with two new 850-watt MPR0812 power supplies. The MPR0812TEX12Z01A is designed for forward air flow for cooling and the MPR0812TER12Z02A utilizes reverse air flow.

The compact, 1.57” high by 9” long by 2.5” wide rectifiers meet Class B radiated and conducted emissions requirements. This combination makes them well suited for a broad range of applications including computing and networking applications and communication systems, where space is often limited. The rectifiers also feature auto re-boot commands, enabling the power supply to turn off and back on with a PMBus command which can help facilitate remote system firmware updates.

The new MPR0812 rectifiers provide the highest power density in their respective product family, offering 20% more power in the same compact form factor as the 750W MPR0712.

The MPR0812 can be used as a plug-and-play upgrade to MPR712 rectifiers, offering higher output power in the same footprint. To learn more about the new MPR0812 rectifiers, click here.

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