100-1 Turndown Variable Orifice Plate Air Terminals

January 4, 2021

Patented Variable Orifice Plate Technology Air Terminal units featuring a 100-1 turndown with flow accuracies to within a few cfm regardless of pressure fluctuations. Futureproofs a building with user centric hybrid flex space without costly mechanical upgradesAccelerates the project schedule by up to 6 monthsEach unit Ships with a 700- point factory commissioning reportEliminates filed k-factor commissioning adjustments Single size units replaces multiple vav air terminal sizes and critical environment air valves. Simplifies engineering design and mitigates risk. Accurate air flow measurement to 1.5 cfm of damper leakage Operate at .03″ W.G for low energy consumption. No artificial riser pressure required. Internal hygienic metal liner for superior IAQDoes not require sound attenuation or other noise abatement due to high turndown and low flow designEliminates GiGo from the zone data to the building software. Meets ASHRAE 195 and IDD – Intelligent Downstream Device standards Simplifies installation. Optional high performance coils with factory installed piping structures installed upstream of air terminal. Available in round, low profile rectangular – galvanized and stainless steel construction. UL-508A universal control panel factory configured and addressed controls.

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