2023 40 Under 40 Winners

What makes a 40 Under 40 winner? Determination, ambition and a lot of creativity

Several of the 2023 40 Under 40 award winners knew from a young age that theyd make a difference, though not necessarily how. Now theyre expert engineers, designers of complex systems, industry leaders and community supporters. They share technical knowledge with work colleagues and at professional events. They play a role in the direction of their firms progress, with an eye toward sustainability. They are also competitive athletes, nature enthusiasts, keen musicians or music lovers and eager travelers. To sum it up, they are all dedicated to making a difference.


Rebecca Birmingham

Martina Botturi

Carrie Cremin

Bryan Derr

Zara Fahim

Ari Greenberg

Miles Grubbs

Andy Guthrie

Doug Heineke

Qini Meko Huang 

Amir Ibraheem

Kevin Jayne

Tyler Kelleher

Britt Kern

Laura Maddux 

Jerry Manavalan

Thomas Martin

Roger Maybrier

Danny McGrail

Brendan McGrath

William McGugan

Courtney Myers

Ian O’Connor

Benjamin Olejniczak

Erin Popa

Aric Reed

Emily Royal

Mehran Salehi

Corey Sanders

Michael Scott

Kristen Spina

Gavin Stewart

Michael Stewart

Kori Terray

Steve Torre

Usha Tyson

Catie VanWormer

Giselle Villar

Kiersten Washle

Mark Wassif

David Miller, Kevin Parker, Amara Rozgus and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology