Smart Grid

Smart Grid August 1, 2016

Smart electricity meter revenue to reach $7 billion globally in 2021

As smart metering technology continues to gain a wider understanding, alongside the ever-increasing value of data, the market for communicating meters will continue to grow, albeit at a more moderate pace than the breakneck speed of recent years.

By IHS Markit
Smart Grid July 27, 2016

Arup Thoughts: How should we design for a networked world?

With data collected about our online activities comes enormous insight and influence over human behavior and a great potential to more intelligently cater to individual needs.

By DaeWha Kang, Arup
Smart Grid May 23, 2016

Arup Thoughts: Smarter electricity in developing nations

It is revealing that rich nations have progressed slowly in the implementation of smart electricity distribution systems over the last decade.

By Sergey Rozhenko, Arup
Smart Grid May 19, 2016

Arup Thoughts: Robots can boost efficiency

New robots will revolutionize the construction industry.

By Peter Edwards, Arup
Smart Grid September 14, 2015

Northwestern medical facility incorporates sustainable design

Six ways Northwestern Medicine's 259 East Erie building incorporates sustainable design.

By Marya Graff, CannonDesign
Smart Grid August 27, 2015

Commissioning commercial buildings: Electrical, power, and lighting

Ideally, all nonresidential buildings would be commissioned, and the team would start at the onset of the project. Because that’s not always the case, commissioning authorities and experts offer advice on building projects in various stages of commissioning, recommissioning, or retro-commissioning. Professionals discuss electrical and power systems, and lighting.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Smart Grid August 25, 2015

Case study: Saudi Sinnovate smart facility

The King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) smart city includes four specialized buildings on an integrated campus.

By Tim Kuhlman, PE, RCDD, and James Godfrey, CH2M, Portland, Ore.
Smart Grid August 13, 2015

Microgrid control system

SEL microgrid control solutions allow seamless integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) to maintain uninterrupted power to critical loads with the use of a microgrid controller that responds to external data.

By Schweitzer Engineering Labs Inc.
Smart Grid December 31, 2014

Evolving the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)

The NESC (National Electrical Safety Code) informs utility work and contributes to the safety of utility workers and the general public in a variety of ways.

By Michael Hyland, IEEE
Smart Grid December 31, 2014

Using IEEE 2030 as a Smart Grid primer for public utility commissions

In shaping technical and rate policies in the globally emerging Smart Grid, public utility commissions, and other regulators around the world can source IEEE 2030 as a reference document and primer.

By Dick DeBlasio, Chair, IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee