Contributing an article

Guidelines for submitting a technical article

The Consulting-Specifying Engineer audience consists of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers who specify engineered systems into non-resdential buildings. Our readers are primarily professional engineers who specify HVAC, electrical distribution, fire/life safety, plumbing and piping, power, building envelope, and lighting systems. These professionals primarily work for private consulting firms, and some work directly for facilities, campuses, or private industry. More details about our editorial coverage is here:

In order to be accepted as a technical feature article, your exclusive article must be technically accurate, including correct code/standard citation and overall topic coverage. The article should flow logically, and you may use transitions or headers to help with this flow. You may use a short project case study to emphasize a particular aspect of the topic (no more than 300 words). Web links to codes, standards, government organizations, associations, and other noncommercial websites should be included within the text. Articles that focus on specific manufacturers or technologies, or that endorse a particular item or company, will not be considered. Submissions should not have any company names or proprietary details to ensure it is unbiased.

If accepted, the article will be anonymously peer-reviewed by another respected engineer or professional in the field. All articles will also be edited for style, grammar, and SEO (search engine optimization). Authors have the chance to review the article at both of these levels.

Articles must be exclusive, and authors will be required to complete a permission form, giving authority to CFE Media to publish the article, images, or other related content.

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