Editorial Calendar

2014 Editorial Calendar

Consulting-Specifying Engineer is dedicated to providing quality content to our print and online readers of more than 85,000 audience members. Contributing editorially is an opportunity for you to promote your past work and to provide valuable insights to our audience. By submitting objective, educational articles that solve engineering challenges, you can showcase your expertise while helping to educate your peers.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) is written and reviewed by professional engineers who design, specify, and commission mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety, lighting, and controls systems for nonresidential buildings. CSE covers issues ranging from sustainability to safety; from design and specification to lifecycle performance; from strip malls to pharmaceutical plants.

If you’d like to submit an article to be considered for print publication it’ll be due 90 days before the first day of the scheduled issue month. For example, if you’d like for your article to be considered for the December issue it’d be due on September 1.

With each submission the author(s) will be required to complete the Author Agreement before the CSE team can accept and evaluate the article. All submitted articles will be reviewed and then posted on CSE’s website. The article with the highest quality of content/information may be selected for print publication.

Below are the upcoming (yet tentative) topics to be covered in the print issues of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine. You are welcome to pitch topics or further discuss a topic with a CSE team member. Please contact Amanda McLeman, amcleman(at)cfemedia.com or 630-571-4070 x2209, for more details.

You are also welcome to submit other types of content, such as videos, case studies and images based on the topics below (or a pitched topic). If you are ready to submit your article, upload it here: www.csemag.com/how-to-submit.

Pure Power

Pure Power equips readers with practical application-oriented electrical solutions, tools, and tactics needed to make smarter, better-informed building system design and purchasing decisions for commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and public utility building projects.

This quarterly supplement to Consulting-Specifying Engineer , Plant Engineering and Electrical Contractor covers standby power systems, gensets, switchgear, UPS controls, electrical distribution, and electrical protection. Issues covered include availability/reliability, power quality and conditioning, energy efficiency, safety, codes/standards, right-sizing, commissioning, design/sizing/selection guidance, technology reports, and regulatory measures.

Pure Power also covers emerging markets such as the integration of renewable systems—including solar electricity and wind power—into conventional electrical systems and the development of the Smart Grid.