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5 reasons why engineers value Bell & Gossett’s selection program

ESP-Systemwize enables designers to choose all system components within a single integrated tool. Learn about the newest uses and most up-to-date features and benefits, and see how ESP-Systemwize takes engineers beyond the pump to select the best hydronic system.

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Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps September 12, 2016

Pump controller for hydronic HVAC system applications

Technologic pump controller variable frequency drive (VFD) combines the start-up Genie and an electronically controlled bypass for hydronic HVAC system applications.

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Pumps February 1, 2024

e-1510X Smart Pump

Featuring built-in intelligence and a sustainable-forward, compact design, the e-1510X Smart Pump marries the proven efficiency of the e-1510 end-suction pump with Xylem’s innovative hydrovar X Smart Motor, creating the most efficient and serviceable smart pump package on the market. With the highest efficiency IE5 permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor and market-leading motor technology that doesn’t use rare earth metals, the e-1510X offers maximum simplicity, serviceability and sustainability. It is also the first motor-drive combination with a modular design where the motor or drive can be replaced independently, making it easy to select, commission and operate.

Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps October 16, 2023

TECHNOFORCE e-MTV Packaged Booster System

Designed with premium functionality, similar to the TECHNOFORCE e-MTX, Bell & Gossett's newest TECHNOFORCE e-MTV Packaged System offers standout efficiency from installation to operation, all while delivering overall lower costs. Built to maintain a constant clean water delivery pressure, the e-MTV is a prefabricated solution that arrives ready to install for easy integration, saving time and labor. A variety of fixed-SKU options all feature e-SV stainless steel vertical multistage pumps, one of the highest efficiency multistage pumps on the market today, while the 7-inch color touchscreen interface provides an intuitive and simplified user interface for ease of commissioning and troubleshooting. “Advancing solutions that meet our customers’ growing demand for shorter lead times and ready-to-use options reflects our commitment to strengthening the user experience and simplifying operations,” said James Wilkinson, Americas product manager, packaged systems, Xylem.

Pumps January 1, 2023

Series e-90E Smart Pump

Bell & Gossett’s powerful new Series e-90E Smart Pump combines the industry-proven e-90 pump series with the Xylem Smart Motor – an “ultra-premium” IE5 permanent magnet motor with built-in pump protection controls and monitoring to help optimize pump operations and increase energy savings up to 70% (versus fixed speed). The combination allows for easy, cost-effective installation, and has a pre-configured system’s intelligence and performance right out of the box. The integrated pump solution eliminates the need for separate components by combining pump, motor and variable speed drive all in one. The e-90E is designed with state-of the-art technology to maximize efficiency and pump performance, coupled with the ability to communicate with other building systems in a simple-to-use product. Available in 12 combinations of high RPM models with the Xylem Smart Motor (3HP, 460V, 3PH), the e-90E has the flexibility to be used across various applications, including industrial, residential, HVAC and water boosting.

Engineered Materials March 20, 2023

High-Efficiency Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

MORTON GROVE, ILL. – March 20, 2023 – As part of Bell & Gossett’s Building Better platform and commitment to sustainability, the addition of advanced, high-efficiency “X” plates enhance Bell & Gossett’s new gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger GPX P45, P55, P86 and P110. Engineered for efficiency, “X” plate technology increases heat transfer thermal performance up to 20%, reduces surface area up to 20% and reduces materials up to 15%.

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