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Sponsored October 1, 2018

Bell & Gossett maximizes efficiency with parallel sensorless control technology

As the HVAC industry seeks energy-saving technologies, parallel pumping has emerged as a proven method of improving efficiency in pumping systems with higher control heads. With the advent of sensorless pump control technology, commercial and industrial water pumping systems can be optimized for even greater system efficiency. Innovative sensorless pump controllers like Bell & Gossett's Parallel Pump System (PPS) have the ability to manage multiple pump output without a wired differential pressure transducer (DPT). Eliminating the need for an external sensor reduces installation costs and related maintenances costs, such as inspections, replacement and recalibration. With industry-leading features that exceed competitor offerings, B&G's Parallel Pump System offers users a streamlined way to achieve higher energy efficiencies while lowering operating costs and extending equipment life. Intuitive technology Sensorless pump control technology relies on pump-specific algorithms, which can accurately predict where a pump operates on its curve.

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