HVAC/R and Mechanical April 14, 2016

High-efficiency condensing boiler

The Evergreen boiler is built with innovative features that are simple to understand, making it easy to install, use, and maintain it for the long run.

By Weil-McLain
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Sustainability July 18, 2023

B20 biofuel boiler

Paving the way for a more climate conscious future, hydronic comfort heating solutions leader Weil-McLain® has announced that its Ultra Oil, WGO, WTGO and SGO residential oil boilers are now certified for use with biofuel blends up to 20% (B20). Using B20 with a certified oil boiler can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because biodiesel is a cleaner-burning fuel than petroleum diesel and can provide similar performance while significantly limiting how much carbon dioxide is released into the air. Other benefits of using a B20 certified boiler include:   Renewable energy source: Biodiesel is made from renewable sources, meaning it can be continually produced by a steady supply of raw materials. By utilizing biodiesel in a B20 blend, the dependence on finite fossil fuel resources can be reduced.  Energy security: Incorporating biodiesel into a fuel mix diversifies energy sources and reduces dependence on foreign oils and petroleum.

Boilers, Chillers February 1, 2023

Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF) Family of Commercial Boilers

Weil-McLain has added five sizes to its advanced, energy efficient Stainless Vertical Firetube (SVF) boiler portfolio for commercial heating applications. The new boiler line has expanded to now include BTU sizes of 500, 600, 725, 850 and 1000 MBH models that join the existing 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 BTU configurations. Featuring industry-leading thermal efficiency up to 98%, unrivaled ease of installation and maintenance and color touchscreen Unity 2 and Nuro control systems, the SVF meets all market-driven bid specifications for new construction projects.

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