Tommy Harrison and Alexandra Peters

Tommy Harrison started with Simtech in distribution/ fabrication 8 years ago and now is a part of Simtech’s technical sales department and is responsible for the Mid-Atlantic Region. His expertise in thermoplastics allows him to work with engineers and end users on designing systems. Alexandra Peters received her B.S. in chemical engineer­ing from Villanova University in 2020. She works for Arkema Inc. as marketing and end-use applications engi­neer for the Fluoropolymer Division. She was recently recognized by the International Association of Plastics Distribution for completing its Performance Plastics Level I Certificate Program.


Figure 1: Close up of welded valves and piping. Courtesy: Simtech Process Systems.
Safety October 15, 2021

PVDF piping used for nuclear facility acid handling project

Facility engineers designing a process for maximum safety and efficiency

By Tommy Harrison and Alexandra Peters
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