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Emergency, Standby, Backup June 6, 2014

Specifying engineers tasked to spec out electrical counterfeiting

Several strategies give specifying engineers the opportunity to contribute in the fight against electrical counterfeiting by ensuring authentic components are designated and installed.

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Electrical and Power April 21, 2014

More than $270 million of counterfeit products seized in 2013

According to a report, more than $270 million of counterfeit consumer safety and critical technology products were seized in 2013.

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Electrical and Power April 1, 2014

Specifying authentic

What type of language do you include in specifications to prevent the use of counterfeit electrical products on your projects?

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Electrical and Power March 19, 2014

Report: Counterfeit education is working

Survey reveals that educational programs are helping to increase awareness of the dangers of counterfeit electrical products.

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Fire and Life Safety February 17, 2014

Your turn: How has counterfeiting affected you?

Share your experience about counterfeit electrical products with other engineers.

By Tom Grace, Eaton
Electrical and Power January 23, 2014

Dangerous electrical product counterfeits found, seized

Recent seizures in the U.K. reaffirm the dangerous presence of counterfeits in the marketplace.

By Tom Grace, Eaton
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