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Codes and Standards March 29, 2011

High-accuracy sensors improve response, reduce costs for smart grid applications

S+C's IntelliRupter PulseCloser sensors respond to self-healing and protection applications for the smart grid with accuracy

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Electrical and Power February 21, 2011

An electric grid to meet 21st century demands

The Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act aims to enable Illinois to make major investments in the electric grid to ensure that it meets the demands of the 21st century economy and the state’s changing needs.

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Electrical and Power July 22, 2009

Siemens, Viridity Energy announce alliance for smart grid implementations

Siemens Energy and Viridity Energy will provide virtual power plant functionality on campus environments and to other large users of electricity.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical June 23, 2009

Lighting partnership may lead to energy savings

Advanced Control Technologies has announced a partnership with the Lagotek Corp for work on a new building intelligence system.

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Other Building Types May 1, 2009

Autodesk Developer Network supports 2010 software portfolio for design

More than 600 add-on applications now available for the Autodesk 2010 product family help provide increased efficiency and productivity to 2-D and 3-D software customers worldwide.

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